47 Ways to Use Social Media in your Chiropractic Clinic

47 Ways to Use Social Media in your Chiropractic Clinic

  1. As a directory listing across all of the top platforms, including Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel

  2. As a way to communicate, educate and serve your current patients.  

  3. As a way to engage and involve your current patients


  1. Run Facebook and Instagram Ads to reach a new, targeted local audience

  2. Drive more people to your website for increased google ranking (the amount of traffic and time spent are two big SEO factors)

  3. To house reviews and create social proof

  4. To create an environment for your patients to share they were at your office, their experience and even ask questions

  5. Increase event attendance

  6. Run specials or promotions and communicate to a large audience, targeted and cost effective.

  7. Use local hashtags to find a local, new target audience and like and engage with relevant information across your Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube communities

  8. Create contests and giveaways to serve current and new audiences and grow your engagement

  9. Create your own local commercial and serve ads across YouTube and Facebook who are now dominant media companies where your audience is

  10. Consider Google and Facebook ad strategies as a replacement to television and magazine advertisements

  11. Connect with other local businesses and providers on LInkedin, Instagram, Twitter.

  12. Like other local businesses Facebook page and share content

  13. Interview local influencers with Facebook Live from your page and tagging them and/or their page

  14. Create your own show using Facebook Live.

  15. Create a daily story for your Instagram page to serve your audience on a deeper, more personal level

  16. Create a daily instagram image for a story to keep your branding at the top of your audience’s feed

  17. In Twitter and Instagram, follow your influencers following to find more of your local community

  18. Use Hootsuite to schedule Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook Group posts

  19. Share from Instagram to your Facebook page after you post to Instagram.  This allows you to edit the content to delete hashtags and add links and create a Facebook feel versus Instagram feel when reading

  20. Use IFTTT recipe to share your Facebook Posts to Twitter with links and original images

  21. Use IFTTT recipe to share your Instagram images to Twitter as native Twitter images.

  22. Go Live on Instagram sharing quick, in the moment information.  Intriguing announcements or tutorials work great too

  23. Save your stories to repurpose them into blogs, emails and other marketing assets

  24. Slap your top two social profile logos errrrrrrrrywhere!

  25. Like everywhere: Email signatures, website, automated emails, any print materials, on each other, on any digital assets, on bags, appointment cards, receipts, in a picture frame, on your front door or window, on your text and email reminders, on your reception room broadcasting videos, on your local advertisements, on your apparel, on billboards, on your business cards..

  26. And ensure they link properly to your social media profiles (in a new browser window)

  27. Create video content and build an audience you can deliver sponsored offers and ads to then a warm audience

  28. Repurpose strong, original content like videos and blogs across your social media platforms in various forms like quotes, links and images

  29. Create and share short videos to Instagram to highlight offers, opportunities, promotions, people, events, giveaways, and any other creative inner office marketing campaign you have

  30. Give you a platform to provide information that will help your patients refer you and communicate your services to their friends and family

  31. Leverage an event by going live to capture a larger audience that wasn’t able to attend

  32. Build events with low to no budget using the facebook live platform

  33. Highlight your staff and patients local successes and life events

  34. Repurpose testimonials across platforms and also through both video and quotable images

  35. Simply share your service offerings, not everyone naturally knows what is available and why they might need it

  36. Hire staff, whether it be to announce a position, find candidates for a position or do some due diligence and research on a potential hire

  37. Cross sell or cross promote related services and products

  38. Create action by providing awareness on things important at your clinic and easy opportunities (communicate steps) on how to get involved

  39. Share the doctor’s clinical and professional accomplishments

  40. Share a comfortable level of personal into the doctor’s life of living an overall chiropractic lifestyle

  41. Get in front of an audience and/or individuals you wouldn’t otherwise have a way to

  42. Research people, organizations, companies and non for profits in your local area for campaigns

  43. Get speaking engagements and into events

  44. Ultimately to be social and relevant in your space.