Outsourcing your Chiropractic Office's Social Media

Outsourcing your Chiropractic Office's Social Media

As as Chiropractor, you are wearing many hats at the same time.  From the bottom of the get dirty work like plumbing sometimes to choosing the investment strategies of your employee SEP plan.  And everything in between that has to do with owning and operating a local service based business.

The Jack of All Trades, Master of None concept really goes out the window when it comes to stepping into entrepreneurship and owning a business.  The details are different for everyone; however, whatever term you put onto it, you have a responsibility of revenue.  Under building revenue you will need to market your office.  Marketing then falls into your internal and external marketing.  Referral based marketing strategies versus new patient marketing strategies.  Marketing to increase patient retention to continue volume will be different than marketing to bring in new patients that will increase the volume.

One thing that is true is you do need help.  You can’t and shouldn’t do it all alone.  Even if you do not have an aggressive revenue growth goal, you have to value your time at a higher level.

The gold is always in the detail.  To get the detail, you must hire the best.  Hire the experts.  But you can’t know what an expert is until you know the job at hand.  

Marketing and social media are one of those areas.  

Challenges arise being a healthcare office; each state and each country has particular rules and regulations you must follow in regards to your marketing your office, your title, your services and your products (if any).  You must know and be able to adhere to those in your marketing strategies.  It is your license on the line.

Given this alone, it is important that the doctor know where and how to access the accounts that are related to the office(s) owned and operated by.  

When you are considering outsourcing your social media, many times this is thought of as a department on it’s own.  Social Media is going to fall underneath your marketing hat and your overall marketing strategies.  It’s simply put, a communication method to stream and schedule your content.  Originally created and/or shared.

The best strategy is to be local.  Be authentic.  Be vulnerable but educational and entertaining and engaging.  Feel and adapt to the moment in time.  The only way to outsource that is to do it to someone that is local.  So much of your social media is being an extension of who you are in office into their online world.  

TechCrunch recently came out with an article that states the top 5 technology companies, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet (Google) are now worth more than $3 Trillion combined!  

The idea we teach at ChiroSocialTech is capturing the doctors voice, education and message and re purposing the content across online channels.  We discuss creating organic content and how to use it beyond the initial Facebook post. When you outsource and turnover your online as a whole, you are losing the power and line of communication directly to your local audience.  

Consider outsourcing the education of the tools available and hiring or delegating responsibilities locally.