Identifying your Chiropractic Clinic's Video "Type"

Identifying your Chiropractic Clinic's Video "Type"

Video can now be as easy or as intricate as you want it to be.  For example, you can hold you smartphone out and within seconds Go Live to a Facebook Audience.  You could also use a 3rd party software, external cameras and microphones, green screen backgrounds and use overlays in your Facebook Live for a full studio production output.

In this article, we are going to break down the various video types now available to use and some basics to getting started.

Live Video:

Going Live is the newest and best thing with video output.  Just as the craze with Reality TV, people like the idea that they are a part of the now.  It brings a deeper feeling of engagement and closeness to the subject as well as draws the vulnerability.

Going Live as mentioned above can be very simple, and as long as it’s professional and relevant, can and should be simple. You can now go live in addition to Facebook to Twitter and to Instagram (in stories only).  Just recently Instagram Stories changed so your live story will stay for 24 hours.  This is a great place to “practice” if you are not ready for Facebook!

3rd Party Apps that can really take your live video up a notch AND make your audience STOP and watch:

Basic: Upgraded recently to paid options which allow you to add your brand, logo and more


ECamm- Mac Users Only

VMix- Mac and Win



When to Go Live:

Being consistent or at least having a strategy for your Live Video is important.  You can determine to go full board and create a weekly show.  You can also use live video as a part of your campaigns.  To increase awareness of offers, specials and events.  You can go live before an event, at an event, in place of an event and even after an event!

Be consistent or don’t.  Use it sporadically to showcase the real, behind the scenes.  
Recorded Video:

If you choose to record the video versus going live and has the similar speaking to camera style footage, you do want to add things you couldn’t easily add to a live video.  

You can use sites like Fiverr to get an intro video of your logo animated.

Use programs like Camtasia to add lower thirds (your name and title in a bar at the bottom of video) and your logo.  

Can use same system to add a call to action during and at the end of the video.

Adding images, illustrations, animations, instructions and any other creative visual representation of what you are saying will help the viewer consume your information.

Create a Video:

There are hundreds of apps and programs, some free and many very inexpensive that creating short videos is so simple, you must be doing it.  A short video could be in the form of something as small as a GIF to less than 60 seconds of animation.

The apps in the social media sites themselves, like Instagram, can record HQ short videos.  Here are some smartphone apps to search in your App Store:

Clips App

Spark Video

InShot Video Editor

iMovie (MAC)

Final Cut Pro (MAC)

For any video you create, record or go live with, consider if the content is:

  1. Entertaining

  2. Informational

  3. Educational

  4. Inspiring

Create videos that Tell a Story.  Write a “Script” first and then the video will begin to create itself. Use shots you take and/or mix with stand still images (whether taken or created in sites like

Use the free and inexpensive tools around you to build a content bucket of information that tells your Chiropractic Story in a variety of ways for people to consume.