Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors Myths Debunked

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors Myths Debunked

There is good and bad advice for anything out there.  I wanted to focus this blog on more of the bad advice you may have seen or heard regarding social media marketing as it pertains to your clinic. 

Some of the advice (or tips, tricks and strategies) maybe are not bad but outdated or maybe aren't bad but not advised for a variety of reasons for your local chiropractic office. 

Myths, Outdated Info and plain Bad Information 

1. You should only have one social media account

While you definetly do not have time to "live" daily or even weekly across the board on the many various social media networks, you are encouraged and for simply local seo boosting purposes, should grab your handle and have a basic profile set up.

2. It takes so much time to have more than one account

Using Hootsuite, you can add up to three social media accounts with the free version and splice your time by scheduling and posting to multiple channels in one place.  Using another tool, called ITTT you can greatly reduce the time you need to spend on platforms like Twitter, while not ignoring the local communities that do exist there. 

3. You have to post to Facebook Daily and Ideally Multiple times a Day

This is outdated advice but in my opinion bad advice from the beginning.  You need to be active by posting at least a couple of times a week.  But you time should be spend in creating higher quality content, more engaging content and creating and maintaining a Facebook Ad Strategy. 

4.  You need to build a large following 

I see many times a new clinic will ask fellow peers in social groups for likes to their page and reviews.  This is not a smart strategy nor effective in meeting what I consider your top social goals.  It is defective in that you must now pay to put content in front of people that are not you ideal niche audience.   Which isn't bad to have a few, but when you are seeing hundreds of peers liking your accounts, this becomes counter productive.  You also have little realization to what your results and data and numbers really are or mean.  

Grow slowly, organically and with paid Facebook ads, you will be thankful in 3 to 5 to 10 years from now.  

5. Posting is a Strategy

Simply posting to Facebook consistently is not a social media marketing strategy.  For example, I have seen a clinic share about 5 - 7 times a week, information from other sites,  Images, blogs and even videos sometimes.  Never, though, organic, branded content.  They are puzzled on why they aren't seeing the value in social media......  Don't be that clinic. 

6. Email Marketing is Dead

WRONG.  Email marketing is one of the main social media goals.. Wait, uh?  There are steps between see post, click and buy that need to happen, many times more information, more engagement, more education and simply more time on the buyer's behalf to gain your trust and verify a need.  Posting content that links back to your website where you are collecting email addresses is a win - win social media strategy.  But only if you use the email contacts. 

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