How Often Should a Chiropractic Clinic Post to Social Media?

How Often Should a Chiropractic Clinic Post to Social Media?

The answer used to be, as much as possible.  The more you post the more eyeballs on your stuff.  But like all things, technology catches up.  You ultimately can’t beat the system.

It used to be that all you needed to do to rank in Google was have a site that was fast, had proper meta tags and no broken links and was really geared towards the keywords you wanted to be found for.  Optimized.  What happens then when 100 sites are all optimizing for the same keywords and because of the ease of creating webpages are all complete and technically set up, full of back links and stuffed with keywords?  Google has to change their algorithm and make it tighter.  

This is the same thing that is happening with Facebook.  There is, simply put, too much content.  So the idea of creating more content to fix that, doesn’t make Facebook want to rank your content higher.  They will actually ding you across the board for having too many posts that are not engaging.  

Another theory used to be to repeat posts.  Find something that works and use it over and over again.  Essentially hitting new crowds each time.  Now the social sites are becoming richer in their algorithms with even real time sites like Twitter now adapting an algorithm.  It simply isn’t possible to digest the content otherwise.  That theory is now being negatively impacted with algorithm changes.

So how often should you post?

As often as needed is the true answer.  But what kind of answer is that?  The posts that win over and over are the posts that are engaging.  There unfortunately is no trick to determining what people will find engaging and what they will not.  This is why you will hear people say

  1. Know your audience

  2. Define your target market

Or also, I like

    3.   Know your key differentiators

    4.   What do you offer that your competitors do not?  (Price, Comfort, Specialty, Easability or maybe Availability...

Now for a Chiropractic clinic, you really want to consider what the GOAL of the post is.  You CAN run ads that target people that have engaged with your post.  Therefore, creating content that your local audience would engage (like, comment and share) is a worthy post with a path to an end goal.

It’s never a good idea to post just to post.  Or post because you think you should.  Post to educate.  Post to inform.   Post to inspire.  Post to promote.  Post to learn.  Post to engage.  Post to smile.  Post to earn your local audience’s trust and set your clinic up as an expert in your industry.  A local resource and guide.  

Do you have a marketing calendar?  From there identify content pieces inside the marketing calendar.  For example:

  1. A video and landing page for an upcoming event

  2. A short ebook on your website with more information to follow a talk or presentation you are doing in the community

  3. A blog about a non for profit you are a part of in your community and maybe highlight an event or campaign they are running

  4. Branded, digital images can be created in any of the tools (free and paid) out there.  Here at ChiroSocialTech, in The Vault, we teach along with a couple of others.

Your social posts then can be derived from the content you create based on your marketing calendar.  

With the decline in organic reach of your page’s post to your audience, it is also suggested to consider:

  1. Priming your posts by sharing them to your personal page and everyone in the office giving a reaction to it

  2. Pushing your audience to your page.  You could do this by running a contest you promote in your office, putting your logos in your office and on any materials including your business cards and decals on your front door.

  3. Running Facebook Ads

  4. Using Video in your posts and Facebook Live in your overall strategy

In a recent podcast, Mari Smith said “Facebook is only about 1% done.”  The next wave coming is in its messaging platforms for what will be prevalent to a local chiropractic office.  Imagine your patients can just schedule a visit right inside of Facebook through an automated messaging bot?  Very soon, you will see this happening.  

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