Facebook Live Gets Easier and Easier

Facebook Live Gets Easier and Easier

Going Live on Facebook is popular for many Marketers because it's easy, it's being pushed by Facebook, and it's in essence free.

It has never been faster than being able to with two buttons, literally (open Facebook App on mobile or pc and click Go Live) right in front of you on new post. 

Facebook Live for a local business can offer many opportunities to connect and engage further with their current clients from

1. reaching more clients

2. helping clients refer through further educating

3. cross-selling

To reaching a new market all together.  Even targeting niche new segments of your market. 

3 Easy Ways to Go Live

1. From your Smartphone

You can download either the Facebook App or just the Facebook Pages App.  For instance, if you don't want Facebook but do want to have access for your business and be able to Go Live, then you should consider just getting the Facebook Pages App to manage your page only.  You can create posts and go live just as easy as with the Facebook main app.

2.  From a Desktop

When you create a post from a desktop, there is a Go Live option.  There is not as many options when you are live as their are on the mobile app.

3. From a 3rd Party

You may want to do this to do an interview style live broadcast, add your branding to the broadcast or with some software programs you can create a full production studio quality show with scheduling, pre roll film, in stream videos (commercials- locally produced), multiple cameras and more.

ECamm (Mac Only)
VMix (Win Only)

You can Go Live on Facebook

1. On your Facebook Page

2.  In a Facebook Pages Event

3.  In a Facebook Group

4.  From a Live Contributor (give them access to Go Live on your Page)

5.  On your Personal Facebook Page

Additional Facebook Live Bonus Tactics:

1. Start Talking Right Away

2. Have your devices on Do Not Disturb

3. Look in the camera hole.

4. Use a Title

5. Tag your Office

6. Tag yourself

Share your Live Video with the ChiroSocialTech Facebook Family for more views and a constructive critique!