Chiropractic Storytelling

Chiropractic Storytelling

“It’s not about advertising your product, it’s about telling your story.”  

Sound familiar?  Now what do we see across all of our social channels, Stories.

Those dots at the top of your Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed and Messenger Feed are all called Stories.  Well, expect Messenger, they call theirs, Your Day.. Clever.

Storytelling is EVER so important in a strong marketing strategy, especially for a local Chiropractic clinic.

With these tools, you can tell virtually any story you like through images, videos, cutesy filters, stickers and overlays.

Vlogging and sharing the “Chiropractic Lifestyle” has become a popular way to use the "Story" social media feature.  Scroll through these images below from a handful of chiropractors I follow on Instagram as of the day I am writing this.  

However, you do use it. It is a good, strong branding strategy since it will put your profile image at the top of the newsfeed for your followers. Consistent branding.  More than them seeing your story, for your followers to see your logo every single day first when they hop onto their Instagram, that's powerful!

Use these channels to leverage your brand, chiropractic.  

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