3 Chiropractic Facebook Ads that Return

3 Chiropractic Facebook Ads that Return

The misconception I try to overcome first with Facebook Ads and  local chiropractic clinics is that your main return or only return is in direct new patients from an ad campaign.  

When you first start to run Facebook Ad strategies, you will find the educational, introductory, storytelling ads will do better in a long term strategy for you.

One of the COOLEST things about the Facebook Ad Platform is you're in control of the money you spend to as little as $5 AND you're in control of the ad audience you target.  So it’s not ever just like dropping money down the drain unless you choose to use zero targeting.

To understand if something gave us a return on investment, we have to identify the parameters and the goal to be met.  

We also must consider the funnel that we have in place, are there holes in it?  


Jackie is picking her kids up from school and scrolling Facebook in her car while she is waiting when she see’s….. Your Facebook Ad.

*******  What in the ad will make her stop scrolling, read and click?

*******  When she clicks, where does she go next?

*******  Does it load fast and is it mobile optimized?

**************************Oh, she clicked but then the kids walked up so she closed her phone.  Did you grab her data with your Facebook tracking pixel code?  

******  What is the next step for her to take on that page?

******  How long does it take?

******  Is it a normal next step from the Facebook Ad she clicked on? (does it make sense?  Is it a congruent message?)

The three ads that will give you a higher return given the above scenario:

  1. Event

  2. Condition

  3. Special Offering

1. Host an event, maybe in this scenario a Mom’s Night or Women’s Wellness Workshop. Having something to invite a target audience too where they can learn more and take the most common next step.  

2.  Having a condition based campaign.  Done artfully using Facebook’s ad criteria.  For example, you can’t talk about "you", but rather only can talk about, you.  Meaning discuss what’s unique about your product/service rather than how the product service can help "you"

 DON'T--> “Do you have headaches?”

  DON'T-->  “Are you living in pain?”  

DO--> Run like a Champion with Chiropractic Care.  

DO--> Perform Like a Beast with Chiropractic Care.

DO--> Choose Chiropractic for optimal performance.

 DO--> Chiropractic Care is for all Lifestyles

DO-->  Headaches Do Not have to stop an active lifestyle

Pain doesn’t have to be in the picture. Headaches shouldn’t be debilitating.  

3.  Offer a special.  Use cross services or products to bundle together an offering.  Use a coupon method to offer a discount on exam and consultation to provide an easy entrance to offer more education.

Now that’s certainly not to say those are the only campaigns you can run.

4.  Video Views.  If you want to run a campaign to fill an event or to educate around a certain topic, you might consider running a Facebook Ad Campaign to increase video views.

5.  Awareness.  If you are changing your hours, adding a new doctor, adding a new location, changing a sign, running a contest, hosting an event or anything else that you would ANNOUNCE or consider putting an ad in the paper, consider putting an AD on Facebook.  Unlike an ad in the paper, this ad will give you the views and clicks and you can have a direct call to action with a lead funnel for them to fully commit, sign up, schedule or purchase.

6. Educating through blogs.  Running ads to blogs that live on your website, especially when you have:

  1. The Facebook Pixel code setup

  2. Email capture setup

  3. Add a schedule button at the bottom of your blog page

Consider Facebook Ads in a different light.  Start small, test your content and your funnels.

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