Should Chiropractors go for the Close and Define Themselves as Media Companies?

I am guilty of having said this, which I will explain, but I am not sure I fully agree to the fact that Chiropractors need to be salesman and media companies in order to succeed.  I first say I am guilty of saying this because I also don’t disagree that being a salesman and media company will lead to a financially successful practice.

Really it comes down to defining the term salesman and media company.  You as a Chiropractor are first a clinician.  Second a business owner.  I am first software sales, if I don’t have that trade down, the rest is doomed to fail.  

I am first a Social Media Marketing Strategist.  Meaning I first learn tools and trade and tactics and then I learn the art of the business and creating a service model around it.

It is also interesting to me that while I hear so many times a "versus" when it comes to medical and chiropractic, I also consider some of the hypocrisy of it when discussed in the marketing scheme of things.

For example, should a medical doctor be a salesman first?  Should “big pharma” be salesman and media companies first?  Is that not what I hear a main judgement of the companies to be? I know it is for me.  I have also held true that the pharmaceutical companies and have quoted and shared many facts to relate back to the fact that it is in fact true that they see themselves as salesmen and profit first.

If there is anything a Chiropractor "IS" before a provider, they are an Educator.  This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing a mentor of mine, Grant Cardone, speak at The ChiroSushi Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He talked about the survival decisions we make. It reminded me of when I was a RACE Coach to financial reps at a Fortune 100 company, we would talk about getting rid of the scarcity mindset.

Running short term marketing campaigns, holding the immediate return at any activity you do as the only return, and having this CLOSING mindset as a healthcare provider IS short term marketing and in full scarcity mode.  And a huge reason why Chiropractors are only seeing a small percentage of the population.

I heard someone this weekend say that because kids can’t buy, you should only be doing your marketing activities towards the parents!  Now we all know how ludicrous that is.  I’ve also heard first hand many times over, ‘if I can’t “CLOSE” at a talk locally, I don’t want to do it.’

I need it now!  Instant gratification and return.  When we are in survival mode, we aren’t planting seeds anymore.  It is the epitome of spray it with pesticides and stuff it with hormones to make the "quick fix" bigger.  

Doing talks to providers and nurses, to teachers and schools, to PE classes, athletic groups, teams, talks to young mothers and MOPS groups are ALL examples of long term marketing strategies.  All this with a SOLUTION not a CLOSE.  A solution and an easy entrance is really just a slight shift in mindset, but can make a real difference.  Switching from a hard close and tracking numbers and return and stressing on the ROI you received from the event, to knowing YOU empower and educate. Own your education on Chiropractic. If you want to be known as the healthcare provider in your city or town, show up.  Everywhere.  Do talks, do screenings, have floats in the parade, share locally, eat and review locally, educate, educate, educate locally.  

As for the media company statement, I don’t totally disagree if the mindset shift is made to, "I am an educator that is using these mediums readily available to inject Chiropractic education into my community."  

Marketing funnel campaigns and ad strategies are to gather your low hanging fruit, but when you execute the education piece in your community on a consistent basis, you are stretching the longevity of your business both horizontally and vertically.