Complimenting Local Marketing Efforts with Social Media Activity

Complimenting Local Marketing Efforts with Social Media Activity

To the contrary of what you may hope, a strong social media marketing strategy complements the overall marketing strategy for any business.

The term marketing is a broad term, like healthcare.  There’s no one fit all strategy that works.  But with time, energy and focus you can succeed, as with your health.  When you align your goals with your marketing activity with your defined brand, you will see the ongoing drip return you see other people brag about.

“I get 20 new patients a month from Facebook! WOW!”

We have all seen that, right?  For some you need to ask them which month.  But that’s not to say it’s not possible and it definitely is happening and can happen for you!

In this article I want to break down for you 10 ways that your Social Media Activity can Compliment your Marketing Efforts.

  1. Put Social Media Logos on marketing materials inside your office to help push your audience to following you on them so you can educate and engage them further.

  2. Run a content in your office for Facebook Reviews.  “Hey, Leave us a Review on Facebook this week to win a $100 gift card to The Local Family Restaurant”.  Make the prize local and don’t be cheap.  Ensure to cover a nice dinner or a give a worthy prize.  

  3. Run a similar contest later for Facebook Checkins.  Don’t run them back to back :)

  4. Run Facebook ads for your events in the office to increase awareness and attendance

  5. Go live on Facebook at any event to get more people in the room

  6. Create images on social media to highlight any additional services, products or offerings in your office to increase cross sales

  7. Provide content on social media that your audience can share to refer you

  8. This educational content when delivered and broken down can also ensure they understand their own care and will create higher retained patients and stronger compliant patients.

  9. Want to do events at other businesses, but not sure how?  Start by getting to know your local neighboring businesses by liking and engaging with their pages on social media.

  10. Connect with other healthcare providers on social media to educate them and increase referral sharing opportunities

The thought you get when someone doesn't understand why anyone who isn't in pain would visit a Chiropractor, is the same thought I get when a chiropractor wonders why they should be on anything but Facebook.

Social Media is important to your marketing strategy as a Chiropractic Clinic for a few main reasons:

  1. People need more education on Chiropractic.  Not enough people know what it is and why they should be going.

  2. People are on social media.  Or at least their mobile device.

  3. Be there.  Educate.  Provide awareness.

In the next week, try to count how many times you see one of the logos for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on other businesses products, packaging and communications.