CCC: Converting Chiropractic Content

CCC:  Converting Chiropractic Content

In the last article we discussed the steps that go into converting posts on social media into new patients.  The first step is to develop the CONTENT that is going into said post.

In this article, let's follow up on that Content step in more detail.

Content is your way of educating Chiropractic, Communicating to your end user, your target audience, your potential new patient.

Content can also allow your current audience, or your current patients, to refer you.

Content Buckets:

1. Text- people read

2. Image- people see

3. Video- connect what read and see

   Text- Article or blog that ideally lives on your website you can then share to your social media channels.  Text also exemplifies the text content that is added to any social post.  You can educate and call people to action with the text you use.

   Image- A picture you take or a graphic you make.  A picture tells a 1,000 words!  Educate with images you create on sites site or  Consider making lists of quotes, sayings, and research facts found in a single place to grab from and create images during your content creation time. 

   Video- Live video, professionally edited video, original recorded video, shared video.  Video is the KING of content.  Video IS the name of the game.  Right now, Live Video specifically.  Work with ChiroSocialTech to create a winning video strategy in your office.  Check out The Vault for more information. 

People learn in a variety of ways and why you want to create content in all forms.

You can therefore think of these three at content buckets, you have your image and video content buckets.  Your live video content buckets.  Your general chiropractic quote images that you branded in is a content bucket.

Once you've developed your content bucket headers, the content will begin to create itself. 

There are two main types of content you will have in all of your content buckets, shared and originally created.  So you can share videos and share images from other sites and sources AND you can create your own images and videos.  A combination of both is suggested.  

You must create original content in order to effectively brand you, your office, chiropractic to your local audience and elevate you as the expert and health professional. 

To start, sit down and think about what you would tell a patient if you had an extra 5 minutes with them.  Think of a specific patient from that day.   Let this be a full brainstorming session where you begin to list out whatever comes to your mind.  The next question you can ask yourself is what questions did you patient(s) have that day.  Starting listing as many questions as you have heard from patients. 

This brainstorming list will help you build content topics.  Those topics can be turned into content pieces.

To learn how to Master Re-purposing one single Video or Blog and to learn how to turn your social media activity into patients, check out The Vault.  

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