As Featured On...

As Featured On...

We have all seen this tagline before.. As seen on NBC or As Featured On The Shark Tank.

I had the unique opportunity to attend a Marketing and PR one day workshop in Chicago recently. The concept of a workshop versus a conference is wonderful, by the way.  It was very actionable and we actually spent time writing a pitch while we were there. Implementable activity to actually boost our business when we got back to the office.

Have you ever pitched a news station before? I have seen plenty of great examples recently of Chiropractors in their local news, so it is happening. It is great leverage and credibility for you and for the profession.

Beyond big new stations, have you considered any local bloggers or vloggers, for that matter?  How about any local "celebrities" or podcast hosts. You might be surprised what you find when you start searching!

Here is my most recent As Featured On for you..



The Ultimate Chiropractic Strategy Vault is launching a BootCamp series starting in January 2018 through May of 2018 for all active Vault Members.  In the series we will cover many topics, including how to increase your credibility and influence and leverage these types of activities through online digital marketing strategies. 

The Vault's Membership will be closed on January 3rd, 2018 to take all active members through the intensive (but still self paced ;)) bootcamp chiropractic social media series.