ICYMI: Social Media Updates 2017 for Your Chiropractic Office

ICYMI: Social Media Updates 2017 for Your Chiropractic Office

Just when we think we have seen it all, one of them updates again. Technology platforms seem to be updating at a much faster rate.  Facebook could be close to daily soon.

Let’s breakdown some of the coolest new social media features that you may have missed this year!

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Facebook Battles Fake News, Discrimination and Much More:  In an attempt to continue to make their platform the best it can be for the user, it is fighting back again fake news and continuously updating it’s features to try and keep up with fake accounts, hate, violence and so much more on the platform.  Can you imagine how much content we don’t see?  You can’t update headlines or info when sharing articles anymore, that was a great feature that is now so 2016.  You are also seeing the targeting options change.  The latest was not being able to target by school or employer.

Stories:  Snapchat’s originally created idea has been taken by Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.  People can Vlog all day long now, and they are!  Just not on Facebook or on Facebook Messenger.  Instagram has given Snapchat a strong competition.  

In Instagram Stories they launched going Live in the Story which then became available on Facebook.  You can now also do an ad placement inside Instagram Stories.

Facebook made some major advertising updates all year and I am sure they are not even close to being done yet.  There is a lot more to come with video but let’s break some of it down.

1. Here are all of the options now available under the New Engagement Audience Option:

ad audience.png

2. Power Editor is going away.. Literally this weekend (October 5th, 2017 is date of this blog)

power editor.png

3. New Objective options.  Facebook’s goal is to deliver ad to the best possible person(s).

objective options.png

4.  Placements!!  This maybe my favorite of all, they are opening up more and more areas and ways to deliver your ad.  Messenger now has both in message and sponsored ads, you see Instagram stories as an option and continue to watch as the Video options will be growing more with the new Watch feature.


Coming soon:  Facebook announced that you can turn your Instagram Stories into Carousel Facebook ads.. Interesting!  Going to open up creative options with stickers and filters to the Facebook Ads Platform is what it sounds like.

Snapchat BLOWS all social media platforms udpates out of the water by buying Bitmoji and bring them to life with an AR update that is really cool.

Snapchat also listens to marketers (who they want to spend their ad dollars) and add links to Snaps. Another huge development to lend in favor to their potential in taking a piece of the digital advertising space.

Our Facebook Page Profile Pic is now round, whoa!  They did market testing and recently introduced a new aesthetic, which it seemed barely anyone really even noticed.

You can now have your Facebook Header for a page be a video.

Linkedin is staying in the game, acquired by Microsoft last year, Linkedin now will allow you to upload a video directly to their platform or record your video in Linkedin and give you some stellar insights on the company's watching and further audience insights.  

Top Social Media Trends to continue to watch some cool things come about still this year and into 2018:

Live Videos and Videos in general.  You can go live almost anywhere you want now, on Snapchat (in essence), Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook has also introduced a new feature called Watch which is scripted shows in Facebook!  More ads to follow there, guaranteed!

AR. Snapchat is the only relevant player currently in the social media world, but guaranteed Facebook is adapting and taking their new update for themselves to feature something soon for us.

Bots.  Message bots are very cool but trending and becoming used by brands at a turtle’s pace.  Can’t I order a pizza through a voice recognition bot yet?

Technology is cool. Social Media is fun. And your audience is absolutely there.  Follow ChiroSocialTech to keep your #socialsubluxation aligned.

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