10 Tips for a Flawless Facebook Live Video


10 Tips for a Flawless Facebook Live Video

  1. Create a catchy title for your live video that will draw people in.

  2. After you finish your live video, go back and edit the post, as you would any other post. You can put the title as the actual video title and edit the content of the post. You can also add tags and captions.

  3. Once you are live, start speaking rather than waiting for people to come on. The video will live as a recording so you can treat it like people are there. Viewers can re-watch the video to get any information missed in the beginning. The end is where you want them live many times, anyways.

  4. Look directly into the camera hole while live to appear as if you are looking the viewers directly in the eyes.

  5. Anything you have written shown on the reverse camera will show backwards, mirrored :( You can always make comments, during or after or have a moderator on live in the comments section. For example, giving a link to your website.

  6. Ensure you have enough lighting and check out the background. Look at what’s behind you, play with your angles and with your lighting until it comes out right on camera. Accessories at the bottom of this blog that are very inexpensive.

  7. If you have background noise or will not be right in front of the camera, you will need to invest in a microphone. A bluetooth mic will give you more options but the quality isn’t as good as what you will find with a wired set. The bluetooth and streaming will take more bandwidth, so your connection is something you will want to pay attention to depending on where you are recording. Any office setting should be sufficient.

  8. Prepare for your live stream. Have a purpose, and like any presentation an open, middle and close. Lists are great, 3 ways or 10 ways to xyz like the post you are reading now. People’s time is valuable. I could go live daily rambling about marketing, but what does that do for my audience. I am engaging them, but if I am not being purposeful then I am wasting their and my time.

  9. Have fun, be you, show your personality.

  10. Don’t get awkwardly close to the camera as you are trying to read the comments. It doesn’t create a good output for your viewers :) That’s pure, honest advice!

Test the platform. Especially if you already speak in your community and/or office, you are ready to take your voice to live streaming.

Best Practices:

Timing: The longer you are live, the more opportunity you will be able to attract live viewers, but it’s most important that the timing of your video fit the relevancy. If you are providing 3 tips, go through those tips and answer some questions and usually will be around 15-25 minutes. You don’t need to linger after for people or wait before hand for people as the video lives after the live viewing and where you will actually get most of your views. Always consider the live replay output version.

If it’s a presentation of you are presenting a full topic, you can easily go 45 minutes to an hour on live video. (PROMOTE these types of live streams just as you would any other event you do -BONUS TIP-)

When: When it’s good for you and you have time to spend with your audience. Before opening, during a lunch hour or after you are closing. On the weekends, Sunday evenings especially are very engaging. Your audience will help you determine when the best time is.

How Often: As consistent as you want to be. You can also be consistently inconsistent and go live at spontaneous times, but with very precise goals or reasons for doing so. Daily shows to weekly shows to random times throughout the week can all work, it’s more important to deliver when you do show up.

Promote: You can promote your live streams in all the same ways you would promote an event. If you do a weekly segment at the same time, you can create a whole brand marketing package (free using Canva.com) and promote internally, through social media, in your community and through email marketing campaigns.

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Most importantly, do one and test it.

This video is the first video I did explaining Facebook Live not even a year ago.  For more tips, check that out and click to view the whole video library from ChiroSocialTech's, Nicole Cowley.