2 New Social Media Trends Taking Over and How Chiropractors Can Use Them

This is more of a Chapter in a Book on Live Streaming and it's benefits for Chiropractic and Chiropractors and Small to Large Business Models alike.  The information was written for a colleague's technology book in last Quarter 2015, that book is yet to be finished and the content is already starting to become out of date!  The concepts, however, are NOT!  I wanted to get this out to you before Periscope is completely dead.  And I want you to consider Facebook Live and it's opportunity to connect, engage and grow your clinic.  Sincerely, Nicole
Technology at it’s best is meant to help us reach grander goals while minimizing time and money.

Two technologies were elevated to a mainstream status in 2015: Live Streaming and Virtual Reality.  The one common denominator in elevating both technologies was the implementation of Mobile.   Live streaming has been around for quite a while through platforms like YouTube and Google Hangouts, so the technology of live streaming actually isn’t new; however, the manner in which we are able to do it is.  Virtual reality is still further out than Live Streaming in regards to mobile development and thus something we will see brands come into slower.   The bottom line is that you want to go where your audience goes.   And you want to simplify your marketing efforts, your education effectiveness, and your time and money spent in the business as inflation and taxes and costs continue to rise.  The only way to successfully accomplish any of those things is through technology, of some sort or another.   So let’s jump straight to what is relevant today and how Smartphones have led to game changing developments.


Both Virtual Reality and Live Streaming are still being implemented by early adopters in the business sectors, making them a valuable marketing strategy for you and anyone else who takes advantage of being there first.  It is all still in beta test and is wading in new waters and finding a new world.  The world is both a content driven world and a world that is also drowning in content and information.   Large corporations spend millions to even billions of dollars to creatively find the best practices to get their information to stick out in the sea of information.  Some do this by creating clever headlines, creating strong SEO websites using keywords and backlinks (many times overusing), doing massive A/B Testing and a multitude of different tactics.  What separates the corporations who nail it and the corporations who fail is the same for small, local businesses.  And it has nothing to do with money or tactics.  The number one best kept marketing secret, is to drive your passion, your mission and to be you.  We will define this into a strategic, proven equation that is simple to do.  

No one questions why people get their teeth checked?  It is on the pediatric recommended checklist of a million things sent home to overwhelm a new mom, do you know what is not?   Chiropractic is not.  Getting your SPINE checked, is not something that is mainstream.  It is in just about every professional athlete and major corporations health and wellness strategy, but it is still not where it should be in our everyday life.

Whatever your mindset maybe about social media, what you must know is that it opens the opportunity Chiropractic needs to reach critical mass as a whole.   When is the last time you saw a commercial on TV or a billboard driving down the interstate about Chiropractic?  When is the last time you saw a commercial or billboard about pharmaceuticals, a hospital, or even a local medical center?   It all became real to me when I moved close to a CVS.  Rarely did I shop at CVS and I do not (did not!) have one of their rewards cards.   When we moved last year with our first child who was 5 months, I did find myself going through frequently for convenience.   They always, always demanded this card that I never wanted to get because I was always there for a very quick trip usually early morning or late in the evening.   I didn’t want to provide all of my information.  Long story short is I did eventually sign up.  I was then bombarded with emails on flu shots and points for picking up my prescriptions.  And then I was pushed to download the app to get even extra savings and the app is nothing more than a massive push for flu shots, vaccinations and more medicine alerts!  I was shocked and disgusted and immediately closed the app and deleted it.  It continued to bug me and something I really began to think about, is, ‘how do we counter that?’  How do you educate a society that is being so incredibly misinformed on a scale that is larger than we let our minds fully develop.   What I really began to feel was this huge sense of urgency inside of me.   And this is when I really understood the underlying benefits of Periscope, the live streaming app that took over the social world in 2015.

Before we jump into more about Periscope and live streaming, let’s talk a minute about social media.   Facebook came out when I was a Freshman at Purdue University and you had to have a college email address to start an account at that time.  In just over 10 years they have taken that free platform to the 4th largest company in the world.   It has been interesting to experience this journey with Facebook and other platforms including Linkedin, Twitter,YouTube Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, and now Periscope.. in that order actually, when they were still new.  (Being on there first is how I landed the handle @purduenicole and why I refuse to give it up… considerable to the 90’s tech boom of buying up website domain names that might be popular one day).   Facebook would not be where it is today, without the help of mobile technology.  Today there are 1.01 billion people that log into facebook each day which is a 17% increase each year.  

It was just 6 years ago that the slogan, “There’s an app for that”, became popular.   Mobile technology is what opened the door for everything to grow to it’s size today.  Mobile technology is the leading reason why Live Streaming and Virtual Reality, not new technologies themselves, but now have massive opportunity in the open market for everyday people to take advantage of.

It goes without being said that the technology world has it’s cons and flaws.  It goes also without being said but also wildly forgotten, so does absolutely everything else in this world.  What I love about social media and it’s opportunities for Chiropractors specifically, but also any local business, small to large, is it brings a much leveler playing field and opportunity to reach, engage, educate, advertise and market your business, products and services.   YouTube opened up an opportunity for musicians to be discovered.  Before they would have to travel to the big cities with their tapes they had to create and go door to door to record studios being turned down again and again before they were discovered.  Or maybe they would have a garage band and play at local shows all in hopes to be seen or picked up by the right person.  Now a musician can create music from their home with their smart phones as often as they want and target whoever they want without the costs of traveling, time to do shows, putting all their eggs into that one tape to get turned down over and over or for many talented, talented artists over the years that simply were never discovered.   Seriously though, where would we be today without Justin Bieber!?

Live streaming creates the same sort of opened door opportunity for the Chiropractic world and in 2015 was introduced through mobile technology with apps like Periscope, Meerkat, Blab and Facebook Mentions opening the door even wider for Chiropractic. The early bird always gets the worm, Chiropractors can take a large step to critical mass with live streaming, period.  Facebook Live is slowly introducing itself to the world a small set of users at a time in order to beta test the product, the market, educate consumers and create a mainstream audience and user engagement that it’s servers can handle because they know, this is huge.  If you have hesitation in live streaming catching on, look at reality tv, people love real.   

Another factor I see in live streaming being with us for the long haul is the changes Google has made over the past just 12 months.  First, in 2015 Google started indexing tweets from Twitter confirming to anyone that still discounted social media has any effect on SEO as incredibly and utterly wrong.  In my expert opinion, Twitter gets the trophy for the most underused social media tool over the past decade by Chiropractors.  Twitter was one of the first social platforms that created an opportunity for massive integration amongst people around the world and across platforms.  What I mean by this, is unlike any other platform, you could just follow people.   You didn’t add them as a friend, you just followed them.  It created a space for someone to place themselves as an expert and it became the space to go outside of your network.  Linkedin did this as well but to a direct niche of business and professional opportunities.  Twitter did it in a way that created people to have a larger following and followers, many they didn’t personally know,  allowing for people to post more often and really take advantage of real time, live moments.  This opened up a sound box for two huge communities, political activists and sports fanatics.  There are tens of thousands of “communities” on twitter, but as a whole, those two categories fit the most active users of the platform.  Politics and sports are still dominated by men, making Twitter also the only platform that has a larger male user base than female.  Considering females make up a much larger percentage of adults under chiropractic care, Twitter is a great place to educate and market a new segment (well not new, but you get the point.)   The reasons that Google and Twitter indexed first, rather than let’s say Facebook or Linkedin, I am unaware of.  But I find the Google/Twitter relationship to be equivalent of close family friends and worthy of your time or at least worthy of creating a profile and ensuring your business lives on there at bare minimum.  

We will talk about Twitter again as we continue to lead into Live Streaming.  The second thing we saw in the last 12 months in Google’s updates was local places of business went from the top 10 in organic search to only the top 3.  This was a smart way for them to get people engaged and attracted to playing the SEO game.   Which I find to be a fun game, so I don’t mind, but I also do not have a local business, which it does kind of suck for.  If you are currently in the top 3 for your local, do not celebrate yet.  Many clinics are working hard to take your spot, so you must keep yourself there once you get there.   The reasons to be in the top 3 are becoming more relevant as the internet has become the leading place for referrals for almost anything.  Does this sound familiar to you\

Mary is out to lunch with a friend on a Friday afternoon and as they are leaving she drops her keys.  As she is bending over to pick them up she kind of moans and says that she hurt her back lifting her toddler the night before.   Her friend Sandy looks to her and says, oh no you should go see my Chiropractor.  Mary then says, “YOU see a chiropractor?”  Sandy claims, oh yes, I love it.  They are both headed to their cars and it is cold outside so Sandy says, I can’t remember the clinic's name off the top of my head, google it, it’s over by that Marsh kind of on the east side of town.   So Mary does as Sandy suggests and Google’s the chiropractor when she gets back to the office and 9 times out of 10 will not click over to see more and will contact or research one of the 3.   

Being in one of the top 3 spots and visible is worth on average, relative to some variable factors like your city and competition,  an average of 5 to even 15 or 20 new patients a month.  A few common denominators I see quickly in clinics holding those top slots are living on more than one of the social media platforms with all  backlinked to your website and visible on your website, a high number of google reviews and throughout longer periods of time, websites more times than not have a blog area or a very detailed services area, and have videos on the website.  A quick tip that I haven’t seen a lot of Chiropractors incorporate is local backlinks.  Every local business around you is also looking at their own businesses SEO and social rankings.  Become fully partnered with business that complements chiropractic, examples would include a health food store, Physical Therapist office, massage therapy, anything fitness related, any other health care provider targeting the same niche demographic patient, yoga studios, healthy local restaurants, non for profits, networking and leadership groups and whoever else you know, like and trust in your community).  By fully partnered  through online marketing you want to share backlinks on each other’s website, host events together, help each others social sites with likes, comments and shares and leave each other Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews.

The last thing we want to pay close attention to how all of this information, content and data will be found.  As mobile technology continues to push the envelope as far as what’s possible and the amount of content and sites grow, Google’s algorithm will continue to update and change.  Think of traditional SEO, using correct coding, keywords and getting strong back links as the foundation of what will be minimally expected.  As we discussed previously, Google introduced indexing Tweets last year, we already know YouTube is indexed as they are owned by Google, but this will only continue to grow.  As technology continues to get smarter, the next step will be for Google to rank websites based on engagement.  Meaning a brand will have to continuously be updating their website and social accounts with engaging, compelling, searchable content to continue to stay relevant in the sea of information.  But what is predicted by many and myself, is your actual content is going to win in the end.  The world of commenting on blogs with your link, creating creative ways to get more backlinks, loading blogs with keywords are over.


I am doing an edit on this content before it is published, not even 30 days after originally writing and my last prediction was revealed as being true.  Google right now is revamping the local searches again and yes, content will win!  The next change you are going to see and have seen slowly, is “cards”.  Cards enable people to Google and find answers and a lot of information right in the google search.  For example, if you google a sports team, you will get a Google Card with their last game (it will give live updates if on when you search) and more information.  Another example is try searching one of the presidential candidates, some of their information comes in the form of cards right in the Google search.  The twitter integration was a start to the Google card information that is found with direct searches.

Enter the era of live streaming.  Live streaming became popular in 2015 through the apps Periscope, Meerkat and Blab and just recently in 2016 Facebook Live.  Video has been the king of content for some time now and again with mobile technology, only continues to grow.  Basically, we have a TV in our hands every day now.  If you have been reading closely up to this point, all of it is going to start to fall into play with this one statement, Periscope is owned by Twitter.  That is why Periscope has led the race in live streaming right now.  What has set it above other live streaming apps, for instance, YouTube Stream is not only the ability to do on mobile easily, but also connect with a following many people already have.  Periscope was the first live streaming app to have an easy to use app and owned and optimized by the second leading social media platform in the world.  Yes, that’s why I spent so much time talking about twitter above.  When you do a “Scope” (slang for doing a periscope or a live broadcast recording), the app will connect to Twitter and auto tweet your live broadcast that people can watch in their twitter newsfeed or open directly from twitter.  A good tip to throw in here is to use strong titles and local hashtags as it will be connected to Twitter which we learned is also connected to Google.  

I couldn’t have been more blessed to have crossed paths with Dan McCoy.   Simultaneously we are both huge advocates and have our families under chiropractic care, both excited and energized about technology and having this huge heart and passion to give Chiropractors the tools and resources that will reach and engage and grow the profession to the next level.  It was like a blessing that our paths crossed and it all started on Social Media.  I can’t thank him enough for what he is doing and for giving me a whole chapter in his book to share this information with you.  For everyone who supports Dan and TechSubluxation, you are in great hands!  Because he so graciously opened this door for ChiroSocialTech, I wanted to go ahead and share with you the detailed steps to get started on Periscope which is something I usually sell in a Webinar.  I want this information to empower you to speak your message, open up live broadcasting and join together in a similar mission by helping to share, encourage and promote each other.

Let’s talk about how you access and set up Periscope and then I will dive into how you can use it in your social media strategy to get massive results for your Chiropractic clinic.  For this process to work most effectively, you must login to Periscope with your Twitter account.  To open a Twitter account, download the free app from your mobile app store.  Follow the wizard to set up an account.  You can very quickly set this up.  For your username, I highly recommend using Dr. or DC and your name for your Twitter account rather than your Chiropractic clinic first.  You may determine to create another account later for your clinic.  To get started quickly, you can copy your Facebook Page image and header and use for Twitter.  I recommend changing your profile pictures and header images at minimum quarterly giving you fresh information and another reason for someone to click on your page.  So to start, it is fine to use something you already have to save time.  In addition to being a Chiropractor at ABC Chiropractic in Chicago, IL, add a quick personal line such as being a mom, golfer, fitness guru, book nerd, etc and add a line that relates to your target market, for example, I love meeting new little bundles of joy in my office.   Always and always on social sites, add your website (backlink- check/ call to action- check) and add your location (make it local- check/boost google seo for location- check).  That last little tip, adding location and website,  is huge for Facebook Ads, YouTube Videos and Instragram Photos.  You can do this through creative ways in the title, in the hashtags or directly on the image.  Your Twitter account is now set up.

The next thing in Twitter you want to do is make a tweet, best to introduce yourself, keep it short and simple.  Then you need to follow some people.  This is a huge tip in making your live periscopes and twitter following attract a local audience.  I think you will be shocked to see more people than you imagined locally on twitter.  To start a local search click on the magnifying glass generally in the top right hand corner (at least for the iOS app, other platform users may see slight differences in some instructions) and search your city and state (Indianapolis, IN).  You will then begin finding people in your area to follow.  You can also do a search for a hashtag and your city to get a different list to follow.   Once you have followed some, go to their profiles and click on the people that either they follow or follow them.  Yep, it’s not creepy, that’s how twitter works.  So for example, you may follow at first your town’s chamber of commerce, local schools and your city’s government officials and agencies.  When you click on who the Chamber’s followers are you are going to get a list of many local businesses to follow and so on and so forth.  Athletic departments in schools use Twitter actively and local news reporters because of it’s Live, in the moment feature.  I always retweet at least two of a clinic's top follows right away to build a little presence but not go overboard.

Now you can go back into your app store and download Periscope, also a free app.  In Periscope, you will be able to login using your Twitter account, do this.  You do not want to use your phone number and lose any and all immediate local engagement.  It will auto upload your twitter picture but allow you to create own bio, be clear about what you are doing to talk about in live broadcasts and who you are want on your periscopes.  Smart business owners get clear and concise with their niche target market and then target it, a successful chiropractic clinic does the exact same.  Give yourself another backlink to your website.

Once your profile is created, to get to your settings first click on the three heads on bottom right of app bar, then click on the single head in the top right and then you can click on settings.  This is also where you can change your profile pic or bio every quarter.  Under settings ensure autosave broadcasts is checked.  This is another paramount to the ChiroSocialTech way, you must save your broadcasts.  You can then follow any of your twitter followers that are also periscope easily.  I share other Chiropractors broadcasts for inspiration and continuing best practices on how to use your live video platform and be efficient and effective with it so you can search me by clicking the magnifying glass and searching purduenicole.  

I first heard of Periscope from a close friend that invents and designs board games in the summer of 2015.  I feel horrible saying this, but my honest first thoughts were how silly is that!  I just didn’t get it.  Fast forward to only a couple of months later and I hear about Periscope again.  This time it was on a Podcast called Build Your Tribe by Chalene Johnson.  I stumbled across her while searching for Podcasts to grow my business.  I enjoy all of the benefits of this opportunity allowing me to work from home, choose the hours I work, choose the work I do, choose the time I spend with my husband and son, and the many other perks of owning your own business.  Owning your own business, as you know if you are reading this, comes with it’s downside as well.  In some ways, if you let yourself, you can feel all alone.  It is so important to reach out and have mentors and professionals across all fields because when you open a clinic, you are no longer just a Chiropractor.  You are a business owner, an employer, a community service provider and a local healthcare expert to name a few.  The best chiropractors know that this means you also need to be a great business owner.  

I believe one of the strongest things a business owner can do is seek others to shorten the time in learning what they already know about a specific topic within your business.  The exact reason you are reading this book right now, as a Chiropractor you are not expected or going to know everything or maybe anything about IT security and network settings.  You are doing the best thing you can do right now for you as a business owner by reading this book.  

I enjoy platforms in addition to accountability groups with other complimentary entrepreneurs, like Dan McCoy to get inspiration throughout the week and also to get specific answers to projects or avenues of my business that were a current focus.  Podcasts have been around for some time now and created that opportunity to have your own radio show in essence.  It allowed many to become an expert in their field and exponentially helped them grow a following of people that know, like and trust them.  I had a handful of podcasts episodes that I listened to regularly, including Chalene Johnson’s, and I felt after just a couple of episodes like I knew the host.  I felt their mission, their passion, the ones I continued to listen to were folks that spoke to me and become my mentors from afar.  

In one of her podcasts I was listening to on the way to dropping my son off at daycare one morning, she mentions that she recorded that episode live on Periscope.  Well I’ll be, there it is again.  Maybe this is something.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to watch her record one of her podcasts live and she said we could ask her questions, what I might all the sudden also be able to talk to her!  Star struck.  I did download the app and got it all set up and searched for her account and watched her live and was blown away.  I immediately got what I didn’t get before.

As podcasts created an opportunity for someone to have their own radio show, periscope and live video creates an opportunity for you to have your own broadcast.  After watching the first live show, I followed and watched many more throughout the week and then jumped on to a live video myself.  The first live video I did was absolutely horrible.  Which I learned later is mimicked across the board for many of the early settlers, we didn’t know what we didn’t know.  I created a title and hit start broadcast, I didn’t know first how to flip my camera so stumbled right off the bat.  You double click anywhere on your smartphone screen to switch your camera back and forth.  And then right away, just about as soon as I hit start broadcast, people were coming on.  I was stunned, I expected no one to jump on and it be quick, simple, I introduce myself, play with controls and end.  What happened was that I did start to introduce myself and then I saw someone I actually knew in real life jump on and I completely froze, stuttered a bit and then frantically jumped off.  Yes, it was bad.  You have a lot more information now and resources to help you, so I don’t expect your first broadcast to be as bad as mine, but I want you to have zero expectations for the first one.  Your goals are simply to introduce yourself and familiarize yourself with starting, switching camera, getting good angles and lighting and closing the broadcast.  

What happened after I ended my failed broadcast was so interesting.  I felt immediately, crap, that didn’t work.  I still have this amazing message to give and I didn’t produce anything!  A sense of urgency really came over me, that is how powerful I saw this.  So for another week, I dug in even deeper, I signed up for many periscope guides, listened to some gurus, read a lot and watched even more periscopes and webinars from periscopes.  Just one week later, I would try again, and succeed!  I have been scoping from that point on.  The power I see in live streaming is in its mobile capabilities, the Live factor, people love real and most importantly people love video.  As I have watched these social media platforms come into existence and grow at rapid speeds in development and users, I also see this beautiful opportunity for Chiropractors.  Myself and many others and many more to come have started to curate our own entertainment and news.  With products like Chromecast, Hulu, Netflix and HBO Now to name a few, the need for a monthly cable expense is decreasing.  My personal opinion is the networks sports contracts are the only thing keeping it in existence.  Which is something I see Facebook Live and Periscope putting a giant dent in.  Yes they can make going live at those events illegal; however, they will have to literally make us leave our cell phones to ensure it doesn’t happen when you have tens of thousands of people at an event.

Periscope and live streaming is changing and is going to continue to change the foundation of how and where we get information.   Reality TV really introduced a culture of real people and celebrities mixing.  Reality TV’s dominance and demand can’t be ignored, for this reason alone, I yes see live streaming becoming huge!  People can create their own Jersey Shore and followers.  They can create their own websites and keep all the episodes there and monetize it.  It will and is already happening.  Yin and Yang.  Let’s face it, Chiropractic’s opportunity to get a super bowl halftime ad in our lifetime is highly unlikely.  One of the biggest claims to fame is from Two and a half men.  Enough said there.

Live streaming is new and it’s now.  It is in your hands to do what you want with it.  What voice, message, reach you want to obtain is all at your fingertips.  Modern marketing tools are cheaper and equal of a much larger reach.  Advertising on Facebook is hands down the cheapest paid advertising you will find.  It has very specific targeting opportunities, you choose your spending, your choose your dates, you can stop it at anytime or start it up again at anytime.  Nothing out there comes close.  

Periscope is still where Facebook was when it started, advertising free!  So right now, you can get on, get a following, all organic, make a name for yourself, become an expert, become a thought leader, become a known, trusted and liked healthcare provider in your local area. And you can do it wherever you are, whenever you want, at any time.

The advantages again fall back to the mobile technology.  You don’t need a video camera and studio set up anymore.  So your excuses for creating video are taken away.  The biggest takeaway I have learned from a massive amount of research done, is their is no secret sauce to marketing and social media.  Best practices for one aren’t always best practices for someone else.  Each brand is unique and each audience is unique and the more you know your brand and you know your audience, the better content you will output.

I stress this because, the first thing you want to do is get started.  I have two doctors that are creating their plans to get going on Periscope, which is another word for procrastinating.  I had the head of a small company tell me that their Facebook Page isn’t going to start doing ads on Facebook until they have their own full monitoring and metrics built out to see detailed conversion rates for every penny spent, another way to just procrastinate.  Measuring numbers, having goals and actions plans and steps is ever so important, and something I focus on at ChiroSocialTech.com; however, there is not one stat that gives its full meaning.  Everyone measures stats differently, there are always some things you can’t track, there are anomalies and just way to many variables to hold everything to a number when it comes to your community outreach activity, marketing efforts and time spent in branding and awareness for your clinic.    

Because live streaming in the aspect we are discussing is only just a year old, there isn’t even full case studies of its outcomes yet.  Everyone is figuring it out as they go and mimicking what others are doing.  Your goal is to know your image, your mission and your audience.  In this case, your niche audience.  Target them, talk to them.

So let’s jump back into the ChiroSocialTech Way details.  We are at the point now of having twitter, having periscope and doing the first live broadcast.  A must in this process is ensuring you have “autosave broadcast” selected in your settings in the Periscope app before your first broadcast.  You may have to clear room up on your phone for that video to store.  I recommend finding a cloud storage app you prefer, I use Google Drive, Box or DropBox are a couple of other top options.   I also recommend downloading the app ITTT- If This Then That.  In your ITTT app you can set up recipes to automate all kinds of things from your smartphone. Some examples of Photos recipes you can set up are save copy of photo to cloud storage selected, upload photo directly to Flickr, Create a bit.ly bookmark for any screenshots, download new instagram photos to camera roll, email photos, save photos you were tagged in on Facebook to your camera roll, auto push your whole camera roll into a cloud storage, sent to OneNote or OneDrive and many more.  I could write a whole chapter alone on ITTT, or book.  It is worth checking out, but you need to be very careful not to set up too much automation.  I did more than I needed in beginning to run tests and see how some of them worked in more detail, and have drawn back since and identifying the most valuable recipes that follow a proper path and intersections.

A couple of other quick starter tips are to turn your phone on Do Not Disturb, turn off notifications and sounds on other surrounding devices if necessary, ensure lighting is sufficient and background is clean and purposeful in some manner.   As you continue to broadcast you will continue to improve and you will also be guided by your audience (beyond what is live).   

Beyond what is live?  The gold in creating these broadcasts is your ability to strengthen your speaking abilities and create and capture video content.  If for some reason your broadcast does not autosave, you do have a couple of back-up options and I use both.

After you record your first broadcast, go to http://katch.me, sign in with your twitter account and it will auto “katch” all of your broadcasts- with the hearts and comments.  You also want to log into http://fullscope.tv and sign up again with your twitter account.  You must login within 24 hours of doing a broadcast to ensure it is there.  The video file is clean without the hearts and comments, which is nice to have for your camera backup.  The only thing I do now with my Katch account is go back if I need to check comments and schedule a tweet out every 6 weeks with a link to it for anyone that wants to catch the full story.  I log into Fullscope after each broadcast because it also gives you a free statistics dashboard that is very accommodating.  In the most recent update added a feature to tweet to anyone on your broadcast with one click.  Many people also use the most engagement and most hearts feature to run contests whether for free product, local giveaways or hearts for charities is popular.  

Video is and will continue to be the king of content.  The ChiroSocialTech Way consists of re-purposing that video content throughout time and throughout platforms.  This process, as with any process, has variables to be most effective for your specific business.  The best part about this process is the ability to automate and/or outsource almost every piece after the video is done.  The video is going to be dropped into your cloud storage that can be accessed anywhere, so the outsourcing potentials are limitless.   You can hire a virtual assistant, empower someone on your team or think about your own network.  Maybe you have a nephew in college that could use the extra income to complete the next steps.

The Ultimate Video Repurposing Strategy

1.    Outsource getting the transcription of your live video broadcast

  1. You can now outsource someone to turn that into a blog post and publish to your website

  2. That same person can schedule out Tweets on Twitter using free or paid scheduling services- I use Hootsuite- with quotes and link to blog

  3. A graphic for the blog, with the blog title in the graphic can be created free on canva.com

  4. The blog post link with it’s thumbnail image is scheduled to Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  It is scheduled directly to your Facebook page.

2.    Outsource the video to someone you know or a virtual assistant to edit- I use Camtasia

    A.    Upload the editing video to your YouTube channel and schedule out an auto tweet and Google + post

   B.     Upload the video to your website where the blog article lives with social sharing options under each post

   C.      Upload the video directly into Facebook

3.    Use the quotes shared out on Twitter, it is recommended to have that person save all to an excel or google sheets and to have someone create an image with that quote and with your branding- logo, name or website.  Schedule these to Instagram and from Instagram push them to your Facebook page.  I use a recipe in my ITTT app to share any images I post to Instagram as native images on Twitter rather than sharing in the Instagram app.  But because Facebook owns Instagram, you are best recommended to share to Facebook from the Instagram app.

All of that from one video!  And in fact, about half of the broadcasts I do, are broken down into two videos to be shared out.  Facebook really likes short videos that do not have sound.  That is an interesting concept when you think about repurposing that from a live broadcast.  But it becomes very easy if you are demonstrating something.  

That’s the process, now how is that powerful?   Do you know who is really killing it in the industry for using Social Media to reach critical mass?  The ICPA.  Check them out on social channels and also search the magazine Pathways.  I saw a post from Pathways the other day that had 800 Likes!  Join them in helping to use social media to elevate Chiropractic to critical mass.  Create content your network and beyond can get behind and share and like.

When you do this on a consistent basis you will become better and better.  The content is going to create an environment of escalating you as an expert in health care in your area, it is going to create better educated patients and pre-educated new patients increasing both New Patients and Retention, it will give your network content to share to easily refer you AND language to use to easily refer you.  Hit the live button, bring your voice and chiropractic to critical mass through the use of live broadcasting and video the ChiroSocialTech Way.  

Think local, think mobile, think urgent, think simple.  


Nicole Cowley