MailChimp Visits the Chiropractor- How to Maximize the Email Marketing Free Software Platform for your Chiropractic Clinic

MailChimp is a powerful, free tool that many Chiropractors are missing out on

MailChimp is a powerful, free tool that many Chiropractors are missing out on

What is MailChimp-  For those that have never heard of it before, MailChimp is an online email marketing service.  I prefer mailchimp to others out there, like AWeber or Constant Contact, because it has a free option that is incredibly easy and valuable AND it has modern, easy to use templates for you to work with.

First thing's First- Register for a free account.  

  • Once you have created an account, you will want to login and fill out your personal profile in full detail.  If you get stuck anywhere during the setup process, please email and can troubleshoot any areas with you one on one.

Now What?!?

Once you have your account, the next thing you will want to do is add list(s) of people that you want to send emails to.

Two Main List Types you Might Have:

1. Marketing Contacts

2. Patient Lists

Marketing Contact List

  • Your marketing contact list is a collection of contacts you have from any internal or external marketing events you participated in.  MailChimp and other services alike do not want you to spam people and therefore do have a requirement that you have permission to email the contacts you enter.  This list is best derived from events that you have held or participated in, networking groups you are a part of, and a sign up option on your website.
    • Events- The best thing you can do at an event for return is schedule an appointment.  Right?  Yes, but that isn't always the case.  For various reasons, most of which being people are very busy and very inundated with information and opportunity throughout the day.  We are certainly more cautious and off putting to an extent for a fear of not wanting to be sold.  Many times it isn't that they don't want an appointment or don't have time or don't have their checkbook, it's just that they told themselves they weren't going to be sold.   So that is an invitation to be educated.  When you are making getting their email address a priority at events you will gather more opportunities to educate and connect with your local community consistently (and free!)
      • Have a drawing where they have to fill out name and contact (primarily email) or drop business card
      • Have a sign up for an event or to stay in contact for specials and upcoming events
      • Give them a questionnaire to fill out during the event.  This can be done in a variety of ways whether it be a talk or a screening.  
    • Networking Groups- Most local networking and business groups allow you the opportunity to introduce yourself, give your 30 second elevator speech (usually roughly 3 minutes allotted).  During this time, you can close with:
      • "Please drop off your business card and I would love to add you to our email updates that include any events or fun opportunities you might be interested in to help promote our business"   --  In the first email, invite them to take part in an event at their location at no cost to them.  For example, a wellness talk or hour screening booth during the lunch or break hours.  Or invite them to a Dinner with Doc or Facebook Live with Doc type event.   Put as much money or as little, but a lot of time into planning and setting the event up and you will succeed with consistency.
    • Website-  Your website is your local landmark for how people learn more about your office and ultimately where you drive everyone whether that be newspaper, digital or word of mouth marketing.  Many key things a good local website for a Chiropractor should contain, which is a complete other article.  One of those things, however, is a way for them to stay in contact or be updated and educated by you further.  

Patient Lists

I actually do not use MailChimp for emails to patient lists.  In most Chiropractic Software system's you will have the capability (or should) to export a contact list.   I highly recommend for your patient lists to consider a different type of email communication campaign, whereas the one I will show you examples of with MailChimp are pre-patient.

VitaLogics Chiropractic Software does have a full API integration with InfusionSoft and active patient campaigns already built out and just ready to be customized to your clinic. 

Step 1:  Create a List

Step 2:  Set Up List Information

Step 3: Import Subscribers

Fairly self explanatory, the wizard in MailChimp will walk you through whichever option you choose.  I generally just copy and paste for simplistic purposes.   Email me directly if you get stuck at any point adding people to your list-

For your Website- I use Squarespace and Wordpress for and and both are easy to add email integrations with web forms.  You can connect with whoever manages your website and they can assist in setting this piece up easily with you.  

Click through these 8 Images to Quickly Get Started with your First Campaign!

You have now successfully opened a mailchimp account, added your first list and set up and sent your first email campaign.

The power in email marketing is huge and overlooked by many local, small businesses.  It's free and easy to use.  Remember to contact your ChiroSocialTech for additional support and hands on training.

Nicole Cowley

Nicole Cowley