3 Must Have Content Creation Apps for Chiropractors and Your CA's

Creating content can be fun and easy with the right tools.  In this article I am going to talk about 3 Apps that you can use to bring your content to life, increase quality and build your social media engagement.   While these apps are really great, I do create most of my graphics using Canva.com.  Here is a link to the replay of a quick tutorial on a recent #TechTuesday episode.

Put your time spent on your smartphone to good use.  This can be something you outsource to a team member or family member that is growing your practice with you as well.  The graphics created in the apps described below can be used in a variety of ways, some examples are listed below to spark your creativity:

  • Social Media Sites Headers and Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIN, YouTube, Periscope
  • To include in blog posts and to share your blog posts
  • Events you are hosting in your office
  • Holiday and Special Promotions in Office
  • Closings, Delay's, Changes in Schedule 
  • Events you are attending outside of your office
  • Event Invites and Thank You's
  • Chiropractic Tips and Quotes- from you or leaders but with your branding, colors and website- MAKE IT LOCAL
  • Promotions, Specials, Deals
  • Contests or Engaging Games- Questions
  • Invites to Live Recordings on Periscope or Facebook Live- create image and before you go live to let your audience know

When thinking about a social media strategy for your Chiropractic Clinic in 2016, you want to keep in mind that as the engagement and use of social platforms increases rapidly by your audience, so does the competition.  Errrrrrrrrrrrrbody is jumping in because it's power is undeniable and unreachable at the cost when succeeding.

In a recent post I went through the social families and hacks for each platform and in a later #TechTuesday show I discuss your Social Content Buckets.  An easy bucket is shared content and it should be an included bucket.  But the amount of information you share for others must be proportionate to the amount of original content you push to get any value.  For example:

A common mistake I see many Facebook pages (and across the other social sites) is posting content from others too much.  A standard threshold would be to shoot for 10% of the content you post to be shared content.  I see some Chiropractic clinics and companies posting more like 80% of their content shared from somewhere else.

What does it matter?  Sharing content is a great way to increase the amount of content you can post, gain credibility with your audience and with the shared source, give local, relevant information on what your audience interests are and for larger branding using social, sharing content that has a large reach (i.e a short healthy recipe video that has over 100K or even better over 1M views already) will reach more of your audience organically when shared.  

The second most common mistake I see many Facebook pages make within the same concept of shared content, is not sharing locally.  One of the first things I do when auditing and optimizing a doctor's social sites is to follow and like other local business'  Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube pages.  For your 10% shared content goal, ideally 5% will be local shares and 3% will be industry shares (chiroeco, ICPA, ICA, AmpLIFEied, what have you) and 2% interesting video and article content that speaks directly to your niche audience lifestyle interest.  For a chiropractic office that might be a healthy recipe, exercise, text neck infographic or maybe pregnancy, family, work/life balance, healthy tips.  

Before we continue beyond, I can't stress enough, read every article you share to your business' Facebook Page and to your page and watch every video in full.  As a doctor and as a natural wellness provider and practitioner, as a Chiropractor representing Chiropractic most importantly to this audience, your credibility IS on the line.  If I click on a link that is faulty, not a credible source- I have seen doctors share stories from sites like The Onion thinking true- you will lose credibility with your audience for future posts.   Everyone has and will make this mistake at least once, but doing it twice or even worse consistently is not good.

If only 10% of content published is recommended to be shared, how do you create the rest--- your a doctor not a graphic designer right?  And what's the big deal again?

When you share an article and your audience clicks on it for more information, they are linking to that article's site.  When you share a graphic from David Avocado, for example, you are giving him credibility and if your audience shares, his page and branding awareness.  Which again is great, but not if you aren't also doing that for yourself.  To be effective you must have videos, articles, graphics and events that link to your website and have a call to action for your Chiropractic clinic AND drive your credibility, awareness and branding to your local community (or niche target audience if you are not a local brick and mortar doctor reading this).

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3 Apps You Must Use For Content Creation- USER USER Friendly

1. AdobePost-  Free App with excellent, quick custom edit features 

Click through images to get a quick tutorial of the apps

2. TypoRama- I have started to use this app a lot less since getting AdobePost; however, I use it mostly for any quotes that I want share quickly to Instagram or Twitter still.

3. PicPostPlay- This apps is must because it will go beyond graphics and create videos, collages, Animated GIFS and allows you to create slideshare with multiple images

Here is the GIF I created in this example and posted to Instagram.
Click on image to play.

How to use Facebook Live from your Business Page #fblive #livestreaming #socialgrowth #facebook #techhowto

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The Instagram Hack--   The process I use for many of the graphics and images I create is to start with Instagram.   At the end of each graphic in all 3 apps above, we talked about SSS- save, share schedule.  You want to use Google Drive or a cloud storage app to save all of your creations for later use as Step 1.  Step 2 is to schedule the image to be shared on Instagram through your Hootsuite App.  Add verbiage, any call to actions and 1 or 2 hashtags and select it to auto schedule.  

For some reason, Instagram is a snobby platform (it's owner is Facebook, so it can kind of play and test whatever controls it wants) and only let's you post to Instagram.  Which is fine.  You schedule the post in Hootsuite to post to Instagram and the Hootsuite app will send you an alert when it is scheduled to be posted to Instagram.  If you don't schedule it when the alert goes off, the images will cue up in your Hootsuite app and super easy to access whenever you are ready to go.   

When you are ready, go into your Hootsuite app and select the image and click share to Instagram.  It will open up the Instagram app and you can double click in the text box to paste the text (it copied to your phone's clipboard automatically in the Hootsuite app) and share the image.  You can then go back to the instagram post you shared and share it Facebook when you are ready and edit the wording.  Because Instagram is Facebook's baby, your organic reach posting your images this way from Instagram to your Facebook page will be higher!   Another side trick for your Instagram post is to comment with 3-5 or even 10 sometimes, if it's a great post, hashtags that are relevant and local.  

For Twitter users:  Many times I will share the image when I create it directly to Twitter at that time and then I also have in my ITTT app a recipe set to post any Instagram photos to my Twitter account as native Twitter photos.  

You can share one image to 4 places using the social platforms for ultimate reach.

Grow your audience.  Grow your engagement.  Grow your patient's education.  Increase Retention.  Increase Referrals.  Elevate Chiropractic.


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