Where to Find Free, High-Quality Images for your Graphics

The largest social media content bucket is original content that you share.  But creating and designing content as a doctor or as a rock-star Chiropractic Assistant might not be one of your strengths.  That is where technology comes into play and makes things more simplified; you do not have to be a graphic designer to create content for your clinics needs and use.  With the proper tools, most of which are FREE, anyone can create their own ad book for their office's marketing and branding use.  

Bookmark this article for quick reference, your phone is best because you will have access to it anywhere you are.  Share it with your team to do the same as well.  Sometimes in our articles, social media graphics, office art creation, in office display, additions to presentations or marketing flyers and materials we want to use real photos.  As professionals we want to be careful not to pirate or use copyrighted information.  Below you will find numerous amounts of images you can access legally, for free or very cheap!  

How to find free images for your Chiropractic clinics' marketing need

  • Inside Your Creation Apps and Sites

  1. Canva.com is the number one site I use to create graphics for just about anything.  The platform has the size dimensions built out for ads, flyers, blogs, book covers, social headers and much more to bring your marketing to the next level.  Many time I can find the image I need for my graphic right inside Canva.  The site has plenty of free stock images, icons, shapes and text offerings for free.  You will also find images and template designs that you can pay $1/piece for or buy in bulk credits for a cheaper rate.

  2. AdobePost is a new app that I just started using less than 30 days ago.  It is the closest thing you can get to Canva in an app form and it's library of free stock images is ginormous.

  3.  TypoRama App is an app that I do not use near as much now that I have found AdobePost.  It is great for quick graphics, think of wanting to quote something in graphic form quickly.  It's free stock image library is limited compared to AdobePost as well, but still has some great options to get your creative juices flowing.

You can change the settings when you are searching for images on Google to find ones that are permitted for modification and use.  Follow the steps below to learn how to search Google for Free Images

  1. Go to Google.com and Search for Image you Want using KeyWords
  2. Click on Images Tab
  3. Click On Search Tools
  4. Click on Usage Rights
  5. Check Labeled for Reuse with Modification
  6. Right Click to Save the Image or Copy Link Address
    1. The image file will most likely be a JPEG. To convert to a PNG file, I will open the image up in Paint and then Save as a PNG.  I make any crops or resizing edits here too.  

Leadpages has one of the most robust free marketing library's I have found out there.  There link above will take you directly to their Free Stock Images section. 

Over 300K free stock images that are categorized and easily searchable.  

Library of Chiropractic archives of drawings and images free to use. 

High Resolution, Artsy photos that are used by some of the top bloggers and journalists around the world.  

High Resolution, Categorized Images that are available free from copyright

Save the Google Drive Folder to your Drive and watch it update regularly with new photos to inspire your creative side of educating 

Two other places I want to highlight for you that put out a ton of free, chiropractic educational images is the ICPA's Facebook Page and AmpLIFEied's Facebook Page.  Check for any organizations, groups or your alma mater for images you can add to the shared part of your social strategy.  

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