Top Technology Products including Computers, Tablets and Accessories

I always get asked about my computer and technology hardware and what I would best recommend.  I wanted to share some of my top recommendations for some of the basic technology products you will be searching for.  This sparked an interest to create a another list of some pretty cool technology products on the market you might not know about but are really cool!  The products on this list are practical musts haves to get you started. 


This is the computer I use all day, everyday.  When choosing a computer system for your clinic and for your personal use, don't skimp!  You pay for what you get, just like anything else.  What I love about this HP model is that it is Bang & Olufsen giving the highest sound quality.  The portability from a laptop to a desktop makes it useful in many business and personal applications.  

A microphone will become necessary as you begin to record more videos.  I like this microphone's quality, ease of use, COST, and it comes with a tripod stand to take it anywhere with you.

This is a MUST for anyone that is going to record videos from your phone.  You get 3 for $15, can't beat that deal.  I have had mine for almost 6 months, exact same model and works great.  The best part is the adjustable legs to create different angles and easily pack and take on the go.  It is not the most durable product on the market, you do have to be careful with it.  But it is incredibly valuable for it's cost and not something you need to spend a ton of money on in the beginning.

I just got my first car mount and haven't actually used it yet.  So I may be updating this product, but I want to be honest in case you buy and hate before I get a chance to test it out.  Again, for $10, I don't expect much, but I also don't need much from it.  You will not see me recording a live broadcast while I am driving, many do, I highly do not recommend scoping and driving!  I do use my maps, music and podcasts apps when in the car often and this would be much safer than not having a mount.  Again, it's $10!

This is another product that I want to say, I do not own.. yet!  This is on my birthday list this year, I have tested it out in Best Buy and it is worth every penny.   I have bought a couple of cheaper bluetooth speakers and they aren't any louder than my IPhone.   This is another area, like your computer and tablet hardware, where you don't want to skimp.  

This Bluetooth headset was a Christmas present from my husband:-) It has retractable ear buds is one of the best I have tested out on the market.  It's flexibility makes it easy to access and wear and offers multiple controls giving you more hands free options

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