How to Create a Mass Amount of Content for your Clinic's Social Media Sites

One of the most common questions I hear from Chiropractors is, “What should I post to my Facebook?”  And if I should be posting at least once a day and live on more than just Facebook, where do I find all that content?

The biggest mistake I see businesses across all sectors make, is only posting a piece of content once, in one way, in one place.  In this article, you will learn how to re-purpose your content the ChiroSocialTech way and leverage your information

In the last article, End of the Year Annual Review and Planning- The Plan, you will find an outline of Facebook Live videos strategized for the first Quarter of the year.  Using the Facebook Live as our core piece of content, let’s outline a proven methodology to get the most value out of that video.  

Facebook Live Video is the GOLDEN level of content for Facebook and why we are focusing on it. You can work this process with any video, presentation, event, campaign or content you have.


Re-Purposing Facebook Live Videos Like a BOSS!

  1. Image- Announce the Broadcast

    Using a tool like Canva, create an image to highlight the date and time and title of the broadcast.  
  2. The Live Broadcast- This is your Gold Content, the live video on Facebook Itself

    You may not have many viewers on your live broadcast, keep going.  The video lives as a recording, so just do your video as if 1K people are watching.  Once the video is finished, you can go into your ads platform and put ad money into it’s distribution.
  3. YouTube Video- Start Re-Purposing

    When the video is finished, you can download to your computer and with a video editing software edit the video, add intros, call to actions, overlays and closers and upload the video to your YouTube Channel
  4. Blog Article- Transcription

    Your Facebook Live video is your words, using the Facebook Ads platform you can grab your transcript from the new Facebook Review option (some people might not have, just rolled out and Facebook rolls features out in groups). Using the transcript can quickly and easily create a blog article out of the content. The blog ideally will live on your website.  If not, you can also use Linkedin to host your writings.
  5. Images

    Quotables- In each live session you will say a number of things that can be used as quotables. Using an image software, like Canva, create a custom, branded image with the Quote.InfoGraphic-  The social world loves
    1. InfoGraphics- You can create these in Canva also, obviously (Canva does everything, if you haven’t caught on yet!)
      1. Flyer- Any instructions or tips you are giving can be input into a flyer type of graphic you can share.  A recipe would be another idea.

  6. Short Videos

    Using your video editing software again, you can cut your live broadcast down into shorter videos.  For example, quick tips or maybe bloopers.
  7. Podcast

    Re-purpose like a Boss- Strip the audio and turn this one live broadcast into a Podcast to share to your local network and beyond.

With one live video broadcast, you now have multiple layers of content options that you can create OR that you can easily outsource to someone else to create.  Your live video contains your brand, your image, your voice and your information.  The quotes and all of the data and information will come from you, so the training and outsourcing will be that much more simplified.  You could outsource this to a staff member, spouse or family member or someone that does this professionally.  There are agency options and online options like Fiverr in addition to ChiroSocialTech’s custom service package options. This can all be as easy as creating a single piece of content on a regular schedule and the rest of the pieces completed by someone else.


What do you do with the content now that it’s all created?  Share it!

  1. Image- Announce

    Schedule the image to Instagram.  From Instagram share to your Facebook Page and Twitter in one click.  
    1. Schedule image to your Facebook Page, Linkedin Personal Page, Linkedin Office Page, Google+ Page, Pinterest Account or any other place you have a social content sharing account.
      1. Use image to promote in your office monthly newsletter.

  2. The Live Broadcast

    Put Ad Money into this after the broadcast.  
    1. Go Live on your own website. There are tools you can use to host the broadcast on your website and also can use email to share the live broadcast a few minutes before starting to increase viewers.

  3. YouTube

    Auto tweet and post to Google+ through your YouTube channel.  Embed into your blog on either website or linkedin
  4. Blog

    Using your scheduling software, share the blog to your social media sites with one button.  With an RSS Feed you can set your blogs to schedule continuously throughout time to selected social accounts.
  5. Images

    Images can be scheduled to Instagram and then shared from there to Instagram and Twitter.  Hootsuite will allow you to schedule them in other locations.  In the posts you can backlink to the youtube video, live broadcast video, blog post or any other place that makes sense with the image you created.  
  6. Short Videos

    Instagram and Facebook LOVE short videos!  Your monthly newsletter is a great place to leave an unlisted YouTube short video that is motivational or entertaining.  
  7. Podcast

    The Podcast can live on your website and on podcast streaming systems like ITunes and Stitcher.  Podcasts live on for a long time and can be a great asset to your content arsenal.  You can post your podcasts through your social media scheduling tool and using the same method as blog, add your RSS Feed or use MeetEdgar to share in a schedule ongoing.
You don’t have to live everywhere.  And you don’t have to create all of this content.  Because Chiropractors are currently only penetrating a small percentage of people, I do see it as very necessary to encourage more Chiropractors to identify with and use other social media tools effectively to reach new markets and input Chiropractic into more households.
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