How Chiropractors Can Leverage Facebook Live

Facebook Live is Taking Over, Are you On Board?

Facebook Live or you will see me use #FBLive is a new phenomena that Facebook is banking on and Chiropractors should too!

I have just recently noticed Facebook Live commercials on mainstream TV.. during the Cubs World Series (huge slot to grab!) and as a YouTube ad.  Facebook is putting a lot of money and development time in the Live Platform.  I have been following this opportunity of creating live video for almost 2 years now, before Facebook Live existed, and watched it become easier and easier to do.  

Facebook Live first of all, provides for you as a Chiropractor, as a Local Business Owner, the opportunity to create engagement, be found locally, educate your local audience, build affinity with your local following, target and be inside local homes you never would have had opportunity to do before and it's all, in essence, free to do.  You are probably not and unfortunately Chiropractic at a national platform is not getting commercial ad slots during the World Series or any national, large audience televised event.  An analogy I used when teaching Periscope was that Live Video (shared socially) gives local businesses to big brands the same opportunity YouTube gave performers.  The opportunity to be found.  To be there.  To be relevant.  To inject into a targeted audience. 

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

Quick Notes on Facebook Live 

  1. You can go live from your Facebook Personal Profile, Business Page, Event Page and in a Group Page 
  2. To go live, click the 'publish post" option and select the Facebook Live icon  
  3. Give your Facebook Live Event a Title- Your Title will help people Click and Watch your Video
  4. You will get a 3,2,1 once clicking the start broadcast to the recording
  5. Start talking immediately, do not wait for people to come on
  6. The video will store on your profile and push in feed even after finished, in the next 24 hours especially, watch the viewers number grow
  7. The analytics Facebook provides you for Videos (only tested currently from a Facebook Business Page) are insanely detailed
  8. You can download the live event after finished to save
  9. Live video content will save but you will have option to delete it
  10. You can run an ad to your live event in Facebook's Ad Platform after the broadcast
  11. Facebook will auto transcribe and add captions to your video, currently no charge.  Some limitations.  This is accessible in your Ads Manager
  12. Select a custom thumbnail image, or create one for your Facebook Live.  Show it before and after your videos
  13. Comments made during live will store and post along with the recording for people that watch after-- this is actually pretty amazing
  14. You will see a graph after your live event that will show where your most engagement was.  This can be great as it tells you what your audience responds to the most and tells your audience, don't miss this part.  

Those 15 tips should get you started, the first thing you have to do before you can really do anything else is try out the platform.  The next step will be to sit down and watch your first live broadcast.  Make notes of what you like and don't like and begin brainstorming topics and ideas that come to you to build a strategy for your Chiropractic Clinic's Facebook Live Show.  

CASE STUDY:  I wanted to highlight someone that is doing a consistent Facebook Live show and can watch to get some more motivation and encouragement to hit the publish live button in your office.

Brandi MacDonald is a professional speaker, owner of True Concepts, and is the Office Manager at her and her husband's Chiropractic Clinic in Canada.  You can follow her on Facebook to get her daily Chiropractic inspiration but every Saturday morning you can watch her on her Facebook Live Show:  Brandi's Ramblings.  This has created an amazing thing for both her and her audience.  Her audience really demanded this additional information and connection with her because her daily posts inspired and opened their mind on topics that were relevant to them.  You can do this same thing with your local community.  Create your own SHOW, be there, be relevant, speak to them about the things that matter to you and them.  You will know what this is by following social listening and really thinking about the things your patient's say to you throughout the week.  

More Resources from ChiroSocialTech on Facebook Live

The link below will give you 101 Topic Ideas to get you started, the guide above in a link stored in your email for future access and 12 Steps you can take to re-purpose your live video content!

Follow me on Facebook and send me a DM if you do go live, share the broadcast and I will provide complimentary feedback and answer any questions you have after doing one. Use this tool to elevate Chiropractic into more households across America.  

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