Healthcare Professionals Using Periscope in their Social Media Strategy


At just four weeks into having my first website and start to a company, I began to research and dive into the SEO of deeper.  The first thing I had to determine was:

What would people Google to find me?

The first thoughts I had were social media for chiropractors and chiropractic social media strategies.  After doing a couple of google searches, I realized quickly there were too many competitors already dominating those categories.  Social media is ultimately the topic and goal but thinking deeper to what I am teaching and how it is different from all of the other chiropractic social media sites, my goal switched with seo to establish a new category. Yesterday morning on the radio, in fact, someone had said,  20% of google searches daily are band new.

The next search term made was Chiropractors on Periscope!   And there I was, five spots on the first page!   How worthy of a search term is Chiropractors on Periscope was the next immediate question?   So I googled health care on periscope, surgeons on periscope, pharma on periscope and hospitals on periscope.  I was amazed to find that each of the categories was influxed with information and thought leaders in the field using the new live broadcasting tool.  Not only using  but committing to strategies of implementing live streaming into the overall social media strategy.

I follow four D.C.’s that scope regularly.  Four.  I find each of their scopes to be educational and entertaining and enjoy the opportunity to connect.  Each of them have a strong audience established and one chiropractor even did a charity drive through the hearts engagement feature in the app.

Live broadcasting is not a new tool, but attaching it to the second largest social media platform, Twitter, and making it accessible on the smartphone is a game changer.  Only 9 months old, Periscope content viewers are watching 40 years of live streams each and every day.   YouTube is updating it’s live feature, there is Blab and Meerkat which are similar platforms AND Facebook is testing what was once only for celebrities, Facebook Live,  for all Facebook users.   

After doing the initial google searches, I knew the SEO I am applying is working, there is a spot for Chiropractors to take advantage of great opportunity, and there are many healthcare professionals implementing live streaming in some really cools ways.  Check out the top health care professionals I follow:

I have never felt such a sense of urgency as I did when I started putting the puzzle pieces together for what the new social environment shift can do for Chiropractic worldwide.  All of the information and best practices I am sharing is researched, tested and free!   To get Chiropractors started  with all the information you need to go live, I created

  1. Chiropractic Guide to Get Started on Periscope

  2. 101 Live Video Content Ideas

  3. 12 Steps to Re-Purpose for full Social Value


Click here to get all three documents personally emailed to your inbox.


Add me on Periscope and I will follow you and give you some support during broadcasts. If you still have questions after receiving the guides, contact me on the social platform of your preference and we can schedule a complimentary one on one social consult.  

Let’s educate, educate, educate!   2016 is Chiropractic's year!   I look forward to watching many of you thrive in the opportunity to use technology to connect and strengthen the market you are so blessed to serve.   


FREEBIE----  Here is a link to the slideshare I created  to help Chiropractors get started with the basics of setting up Periscope, ENJOY!  Use it wisely.  


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