0105 Why Chiropractors should Use more than Just Facebook in their Social Strategy

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In the fifth episode, I talk about why Chiropractors should be utilizing more of the main social media platforms in addition to a Facebook page in their overall online marketing strategy.   We are coming out the the era of reality tv and moving into an age where anyone can "go live" and create their own reality tv.  Clearly, the following that you gather ultimately determines the reach of said "show", but it is a phenomenon that is going viral as we speak.

The ability for an individual or small business to do a live broadcast is actually not a new source of video content. What makes Periscope so different is the simple fact of being able to do it directly from your smartphone device and attach to a social media account that many of us already use and have a following on, yes Twitter.

It goes without being said that like any other site out there, what you search for and do with the app leads to the results you get from it.  I see a trend of more people, especially our younger generations, curating their own news and entertainment.   With inexpensive services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO apps, Google Chromecast and Apple TV just to name a few. I see a huge shift throughout 2016 and ongoing.

I encourage more Chiropractors to find their place and create a voice and "show" within the platform, now while you are still considered an early settler. Use the tools and processes I teach you and be a thought leader in your community during the social shift.  Create a culture that provides a positive voice and source for healthy information and entertainment in your town.

In the first 3 broadcasts we dove straight into how to create a quality live broadcast, 12 steps to re-purpose the video, and 101 Chiropractic video content ideas!!    You can still get all three pieces by signing up here.  

The majority of clinics I have worked with do have a Facebook page and I always do check a clinics page and search for them on other platforms before I reach out to schedule the chiropractic software demo they requested.    It helps me to relate and engage with them and also show them our software more as it would relate to their needs.  I would estimate 50/50 for if a clinic is using 1 or more of other platforms including Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, or LinkedIN.   So we have discussed how you can post to those platforms, why you want to do it through live broadcast, but not fully why you want to be on those platforms in the first place.   You can watch the full video to get more information on each social site.  

The Social Families

  1. Periscope is owned by Twitter
  2. Twitter is pulled in Google's Algorithm
  3. Google's top social site listings- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube
  4. Instagram is owned by Facebook
  5. YouTube and Google Plus are owned by Google
  6. Google dominates---  Google now only lists the 3 top local listings when doing a search
    1. i.e. "chiropractor in Indianapolis, IN"
    2. What spot are you in?
    3. Where do you want to be?
  7. Pinterest has a very high click through rates for blog post links

More on Each Platform:

Twitter-  Twitter allows for 140 characters and is a very consistent, real time feed.  My husband loves twitter for sports updates, news, scores, talk, blogs, motivation, and because he is a coach also a lot of shared video advice.   The twitter audience is mostly male, net worth $75-100K, that are decision makers for their families income.  

FUN TWITTER HACK- View your twitter stats  free at ads.twitter.com

Instagram- Instagram is similar in nature to twitter in essence of it's consistent time stamp feed and it's also searchable by hashtags.  Instagram's major diffententiator and what it is known for is images.   It is the only social site that does not have full access on a desktop and there is literally only one live link you can share and only in one spot, on your bio.   But many people have been clever is simply, telling people to "click the link in their bio to xyz".  And best practices for using Instagram for a business is to 

FUN INSTAGRAM HACK- Update your Link in Bio Often

Pinterest-  Pinterest is similar to Instagram's platform as the feeds are all images.  Pinterest rather allows a back link to each image and description.  Pinterest allows you to organize your photos by boards and the content isn't personal in nature ever.  The content is more how to's, tricks, tips, recipes, motivation, quotes, dreamworld, travel photos with links to travel bios, and so on and so forth.   

FUN PINTEREST HACK-  In Hootsuite you can get a free extension called tailwind.  This allows you to be on a website and quickly schedule out a massive amount of pins with set back links and separate descriptions.

YouTube- The videos I re-purpose to YouTube are cut using Camtasia (can get in products tab) to remove all of the "live" conversation pieces with call to actions added.  You can view my YouTube channel to get a better idea of what I mean.  I am working to perfect aspects of my scopes, pausing between sentences to get cleaner cuts, for example.   

FUN YOUTUBE HACK- YouTube allows for easy upload to other locations.  ChiroSocialTech.com is created using Square Space, so when I upload the video to my site, it grabs the YouTube Link.   YouTube will auto post to Google Plus and Twitter when posting so creating a strong title, description and tags will help boost your google standings.

LinkedIn-  LinkedIn is a digital, social resume.  Bottom line.  You will find professionals and decision makers within a company on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn can create a lot of power to connect with companies and businesses to provide screenings and care for.   When you do a google search for an individual or company, their LinkedIn profile is the third social profile that will show.  That is pretty high in my opinion and worthy of attention.  

BEST HACK FOR LAST!!!!!---------------------------->

FUN LINKEDIN HACK- In LinkedIn, go to your connections then connection settings.  Here you can select to export your LinkedIn connections.  Next you will go to your Facebook create an ad account and do a like page campaign. when you are selecting your target audience, you can choose to import a list of email addresses and target the LinkedIN connections that KNOW you and your name now twice.

For full power- when the Facebook ad campaign ends, go back into your LinkedIn and send a message to each person with a direct call to action, such as this recent blog I wrote made me think of you OR I wanted you to be aware of our wellness events, I would love to schedule a Spinal Screening or Lunch and Learn with your company.