0102 The WHY Behind Creating Video Content as a part of a Chiropractor's Social Media Strategy

In the second live  broadcast, I share with Chiropractors the why behind creating video to include as part of your social media marketing strategy.

My purpose in sharing this information is to challenge more doctors to engaging in video content to share more chiropractic information and lead to more people being under chiropractic care.

Sharing information through video content is a great way to first of all, get seen in your fans newsfeed.  Some of you may have noticed that while you have hundreds of people like your Facebook page, your posts only show reaching a handful of people.   Using video content that is short and uploaded directly to Facebook on a consistent basis will help boost the number of times your posts are shown in your fans newsfeeds.  

Beyond the #videocontentisking concept, I really want to focus why Chiropractors should focus on video content as part of their social media strategy in the terms of you can have a large impact, deeper connection, more engaged network of patients.  

This world is only getting bigger, the same model that our parents followed just isn't so anymore.  You are most likely not the only Chiropractor in your town.. and your town might not even be that big.  I swear in some areas of the city I live nearby, there is a chiropractic clinic on every corner!   Our choices on everything expand and expand.  

Another example I found interesting was when a chiropractor of 30+ years took a poll at a recent college visit of about 500 students.  An overwhelming 99% of them said that they find their healthcare providers based on online search, research and reviews.  The old "word of mouth" is now through your google rankings, reviews and social media engagement.  

It really arises a neat opportunity for Chiropractors to engage and educate a mass amount of their community, basically free of charge.  Nothing in life is free right, paying for the phone plan, the wifi package, ect.. So my motto is, if you are going to have a smartphone, be smart with it!   Spread your message.  Create educated, compliant patients.  Develop deep engagement with your community while giving them a valuable, needed message!  

FREEBIE:  In this live broadcast I shared the opportunity to receive the How to Guide on Periscope for Chiropractors to encourage you to jump in and take a shot at your first live scope!   

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