0101 12 Steps for Chiropractors to Create Massive Amount of Content from One Live Video

This is an article snippet of a talk I did teaching Chiropractors a proven formula for success with the various Social Media Platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and Pinterest.  The process is easy and many of the steps can be outsourced because we are going to be re-purposing original content out of your own words! 

The goal in sharing this information is to give Chiropractors technology tools, tips and advice to engage and educate more people in their community to ultimately lead to more people cared for and more money in your pockets.

The 12 steps discussed live are listed below with a link to many tools mentioned for you to check out!

  1. Drop the Video from your phone to Cloud Storage App (such as Dropbox)
  2. Use ITTT app, can set up full outsourcing and automation of the following pieces
  3. Obtain a Transcript of the recording
  4. From the transcript, create a blog.  The blog should live on your website.
  5. Schedule with a tool like Hootsuitedirect quotes from transcript to Twitter
  6. Use a graphic tool like Canva to create images with the same quotes.  These images can be scheduled to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.  As much as possible the pins, tweets, and posts should link back to the blog that is on your website that contains your call to action.
  7. Your website needs to have a call to action.  For example, schedule a consultation by calling ____________.
  8. GOLD- Take the best video snippets, one to five minutes maximum, and upload them directly to Facebook.  Facebook loves videos uploaded directly to their  platform, NOT linked from Youtube or any other site.
  9. Instagram will also allow video uploads, but this feed is faster so keep them to 30 to 60 seconds maximum.
  10. Upload the Video to Youtube with proper meta tags and then share the link to your Twitter account via scheduling the tweets in Hootsuite.  
  11. You can also strip the audio from the video file using a tool like Camtasia and cut any of the Periscope conversation pieces to curate the content into a Podcast.  
  12. All of the content you created and the video can be posted and shared in your reception room using a tool like Health Secrets TV.