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Identifying your Chiropractic Clinic's Video "Type"

Video can now be as easy or as intricate as you want it to be.  For example, you can hold you smartphone out and within seconds Go Live to a Facebook Audience.  You could also use a 3rd party software, external cameras and microphones, green screen backgrounds and use overlays in your Facebook Live for a full studio production output.

In this article, we are going to break down the various video types now available to use and some basics to getting started.

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors Myths Debunked

There is good and bad advice for anything out there.  I wanted to focus this blog on more of the bad advice you may have seen or heard regarding social media marketing as it pertains to your clinic. 

Some of the advice (or tips, tricks and strategies) maybe are not bad but outdated or maybe aren't bad but not advised for a variety of reasons for your local chiropractic office. 

How Often Should a Chiropractic Clinic Post to Social Media?

The answer used to be, as much as possible.  The more you eyeballs on your stuff.  But like all things, technology catches up.  You ultimately can’t beat the system.

It used to be that all you needed to do to rank in Google was have a site that was fast, had proper meta tags and no broken links and was really geared towards the keywords you wanted to be found for.  Optimized.  What happens then when 100 sites are all optimizing for the same keywords and because of the ease of creating webpages are all complete and technically set up, full of back links and stuffed with keywords?  Google has to change their algorithm and make  it tighter.  

Complimenting Local Marketing Efforts with Social Media Activity

To the contrary of what you may hope, a strong social media marketing strategy complements the overall marketing strategy for any business.

The term marketing is a broad term, like healthcare.  There’s no one fit all strategy that works.  But with time, energy and focus you can succeed, as with your health.  When you align your goals with your marketing activity with your defined brand, you will see the ongoing drip return you see other people brag about.

CCC: Converting Chiropractic Content

In the last article we discussed the steps that go into converting posts on social media into new patients.  The first step is to develop the CONTENT that is going into said post.

In this article, let's follow up on that Content step in more detail.

Content is your way of educating Chiropractic, Communicating to your end user, your target audience, your potential new patient.

Content can also allow your current audience, or your current patients, to refer you.

Chiropractor's Guide to Facebook Ads

The number one mistake any business can do when starting out with Facebook Ads is to Boost a Post.  The reasonings vary, but any expert will tell you this first thing, so don’t be tempted.  It’s like the items at the grocery store next to the checkout line, tempting, but likely not worth it.  

Facebook’s ad platform for a marketing professional is an well thought out, beautiful system that we can’t believe is free to use.  For many small business owners, it’s antiquated and confusing.  

10 Tips for a Flawless Facebook Live Video

10 Tips for a Flawless Facebook Live Video

  1. Create a catchy title for your live video that will draw people in.

  2. After you finish your live video, go back and edit the post, as you would any other post. You can put the title as the actual video title and edit the content of the post. You can also add tags and captions.

How to Create a Mass Amount of Content for your Clinic's Social Media Sites

One of the most common questions I hear from Chiropractors is, “What should I post to my Facebook?”  And if I should be posting at least once a day and live on more than just Facebook, where do I find all that content?

The biggest mistake I see businesses across all sectors make, is only posting a piece of content once, in one way, in one place.  In this article, you will learn how to re-purpose your content the ChiroSocialTech way and leverage your information

How Chiropractors Can Leverage Facebook Live

I have just recently noticed Facebook Live commercials on mainstream TV.. during the Cubs World Series (huge slot to grab!) and as a YouTube ad.  Facebook is putting a lot of money and development time in the Live Platform.  I have been following this opportunity of creating live video for almost 2 years now, before Facebook Live existed, and watched it become easier and easier to do.  

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Instagram and Your Chiropractic Clinic

What is Instagram?  Do I really need to be on another platform?  


Oh, what is Instagram?  Is there really another new database full of people that I can get content in front of to educate them about Chiropractic?

Perception is reality.  How you view social media will lead into how you use the platforms.  When you positively view the benefits to you as a Chiropractor and Business Owner, you will begin to see positive results.  Instagram is an image only, no link back, Facebook owned social media smartphone app.  

Instagram gives you another way to engage and educate your local audience.  

Benefits of Using Instagram:

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