A journey on a lifestyle and mission to be an advocate for safer products that perform as high as counter brand products led my to Beautycounter.  Growing up with chiropractors in my family, I have always seen and learned the "chiropractic lifestyle".  This isn't to be read that I always followed it.  But I have always tried to make the best choices with what I could at the time. 
As I developed skin issues with a recent onsite of auto immune issues, I looked to what was going on my skin and touching my skin in addition to nutrition elements.
Two companies I found and LOVE are 
Beautycounter-  Safer and luxurious skin care, cosmetics, personal care, hair care, baby and kids personal care and coming soon men's product line.
Norwex- Safer, no chemicals needed cleaning supplies.  
Let's talk more on either or both!!  (that being the products or the business opportunity ;))