The Growth Phase

Now that we have set up and primed your social media platforms, let’s start having fun with them! In Month 3 will be covering ways to GROW your social media marketing. But first, we have to determine what GROW means to you.

Social Media marketing goals.png

What are your top 5 priorities when using Social Media?

What SMART goals can you establish to meet those social media marketing priorities.


Branding Awareness KPI’s

  1. Impressions and Reach - Important to dig into your followings demographics to ensure you are targeting and therefore reaching mostly LOCAL (or your target audience if not a local business).

  2. New followers each month

  3. Number of shares

  4. Number of profile visits

  5. Brand Mentions

Take Action KPI’s

  1. Clicks/Website Visits

  2. New Website Visitors

  3. Email Opt Ins

  4. Engagement

  5. Hashtag Use

  6. Video Views

Lead KPI’s

  1. Number of people attending events

  2. Online visits scheduled

  3. Increase in number of referrals

  4. Increased bottom line

  5. Increased PVA

  6. Better Click through Rates and Cost Per Click\

    1. CTR & CPC

Patient Loyalty KPI’s

  1. Reviews/Testimonials

  2. Hashtag Use and Brand Mention by patients (versus businesses/influencers above)

  3. Shares/Page Engagement

  4. Increased referral numbers

  5. Email opens

  6. Increased email CTR (click through rate)