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ChiroSocialTech, LLC

A chiropractic social media agency founded by Nicole Cowley, serving worldwide education and support on all things social media and technology related to your overall Chiropractic Marketing Strategy. 

What is ChiroSocialTech, LLC? was founded in 2015 by Nicole Cowley as a free social media marketing resource for chiropractors.  She was in her first year promoting VitaLogics EHR Chiropractic Software and saw a huge need in the industry for this information.  

After 14 months of consulting and coaching with chiropractors and other national and local companies, testing many different strategies across the various social platforms and creating success each step along the way, The Ultimate Chiropractic Social Media Strategy Vault was born.  ChiroSocialTech completed a successful Beta Launch in March of 2017 and opened The Vault up to everyone on May 1st, 2017.

Who is Nicole Cowley

Nicole Cowley is lucky to have been under Chiropractic Care her entire life.  Her aunt, Dr. Cherie Goble, graduated from Life University in 1985, the year Nicole was born.  Timing seems to be ever so important in her story.  In her freshman year at Purdue, 2004, Facebook was born.  But only for college students at this time.

Nicole studied Financial Planning at Purdue University and went on to become the Director of Recruiting and Development of a Fortune 100 financial services company.  While there led daily RACE (recorded activity compared to daily expectations) coaching sessions with all of the college interns and first year financial representatives.  

The compilation of her marketing skills, sales development skills, remarkable communication skills and connection led to passion for Chiropractic, led her to create and build what is ChiroSocialTech, LLC.

Training, Support, Content

The service ChiroSocialTech offers is like no other in the industry.  We are focused on teaching you the technologies and strategies on using social media and online marketing tools to grow your local chiropractic clinic.  We provide 5 Start support along the way and we deliver high value chiropractic content you can use in your content calendar. 


Through ChiroSocialTech, Nicole has spoke on various stages in the Chiropractic arena.

AlignLife Chiropractic Annual Revolution Event- Hour Long Breakout Session- The Chiropractic Office Tour- Video

Dr. Danny Knowles Inner Circle Wellness Group- 90 Minute Long Private Webinar- The ABC's of Facebook and Your Chiropractic Clinic

Brandi MacDonald's Epic CA Class- 60 Minute Long Private Conference Call- How to Build and Re-Purpose Content for a Full and Effective Social Media Calendar

The ChiroSushi Summit- 3 Hour Social Media Panel- The Power of Social Media and Chiropractic




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