What is ChiroSocialTech, LLC?

ChiroSocialTech.com was founded in 2015 by Nicole Cowley as the ultimate social media and online marketing tools resource for chiropractors.  The company was founded with the launch of mobile live streaming and the premise that 'technology is meant to help us reach our goals more effectively and effeciently.'  

After months of consulting and testing social campaigns with chiropractors as well as national and local businesses in other industries, The Ultimate Chiropractic Social Media Strategy Vault was born. ChiroSocialTech completed a successful Beta Launch in March of 2017 and opened The Vault up to everyone on May 1st, 2017.

Who is Nicole Cowley

Nicole Cowley is a technology enthusiast with a heart and passion for Chiropractic.  Her roots are derived from having two close family members as Chiropractors, Dr. Cherie Goble and Dr. Mark Heal.

Nicole is a Senior Technology Solution specialist for a premiere Chiropractic EHR and Practice Management software company.  During her time there she developed the passion for the business side of social media and online marketing tools.  

She leveraged social media to grow the technology company. In the winter of 2015, Nicole launched ChiroSocialTech, LLC to teach her methods to more Chiropractors. ChiroSocialTech continues to grow with a goal to really move the needle for the amount of people that experience chiropractic care and get their spine checked by a licensed chiropractor.

ChiroSocialTech has a membership site for full training and resources chiropractic clinics can use to learn and leverage social media for their local offices.  Nicole also offers her services on a custom consulting basis for chiropractic businesses, associations and groups.  

Nicole has been a guest on four unique Chiropractic podcast shows and several webinar and Facebook live sessions with top industry professionals.  She has graced the stage at Chiropractic CE events to workshops and breakout sessions for chiropractic groups and corporations.

Nicole’s motto is technology was meant to simplify and leverage our goals and to connect us further. If you follow her teachings, she promises to keep it fun, simple and most importantly powerful.

Training, Support, Content

The service ChiroSocialTech offers is like no other in the industry.  We are focused on teaching you the technologies and strategies on using social media and online marketing tools to grow your local chiropractic clinic.  We provide 5 Star support along the way and we deliver high value chiropractic content you can use in your content calendar. 


Through ChiroSocialTech, Nicole has spoke on various stages in the Chiropractic arena.

Logan College- Guest Lecturer, Business Class

Sherman Chiropractic College- Guest Lecturer, Media Class

Illinois Prairie Chiropractic Associateion- 2 Hour Session on Social Media

Women Chiropractors- 1 Hour Session on Social Media and MC

Sherman Lyceum- 2 Hour Session on Social Media

Corporate Social Media Training- Healthsource and The Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society

Corporate 2 Day Training- Sole Supports

ACA Sports Council Student Luncheon- Keynote

Healthsource Midwest Annual Luncheon- Keynote

Dr. Danny Knowles Inner Circle Wellness Group- 90 Minute Long Private Webinar- The ABC's of Facebook and Your Chiropractic Clinic

Brandi MacDonald's Epic CA Class- 60 Minute Long Private Conference Call- How to Build and Re-Purpose Content for a Full and Effective Social Media Calendar

Corporate Chiropractic Annual Event- Hour Long Breakout Session- The Chiropractic Office Tour

The ChiroSushi Summit- 3 Hour Social Media Panel- The Power of Social Media and Chiropractic

TO REQUEST AN APPEARANCE, CONTACT: nicole@chirosocialtech.com

* Include event, dates, pay rate and topic discussion


Better Beauty Advocate

In March 2017, I joined a B Corporation called Beautycounter to help spread awareness and better choices for personal care products and cosmetics. The company has been describe as Whole Foods Meets Chanel.  Click here to learn more about my mission for Better Beauty